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Team changes before boost reset ends

Hello guys, first ever post. Wondering what do you think about my comp, what to switch in it. Stuck between 5100-5300 points in arena. Thanks in advance for advices.

Looks meta… but it is hard to tell without knowing how you boosted them.

Rhino 10-10-0, Tryko 0-0-0 atm, Cera 5-15-0, Grypo 15-5-0, Lux 10-10-5, Mortem 0-5-8, Teno 10-10-5, Smilo 0-0-0 atm

Trebax is actually really good. It really is only hurt by big residents like lux, magnus and the towers. Trykos have a hard time with it and she suts down big fierce. Imagine a thor rampage only doing 800ish to you.

I’m actually thinking about dropping Tryko for the first time in 2 1/2 years.
I’m torn on leaning with Tenrex or Gem instead to try and stun proof my team as best as possible.
I am maybe 75% done with even having the team itself selected.
No where near finalized on boosts.