Team Changes?


I’ve been in Sorna for a while and can’t break 3500. I just got my first 2 legendary and close to getting Monostega (worth it?) and Tragodistis once I get more Para DNA. My goal after that is Paramoloch and Utahsino or Alloutah. Any suggestions on changes in the mean time or the legendary I should be focusing on?


Try to level up your stegodeous it’ll really help you. Tragodistis is much better than paramoloch however the latter is needed for a unique. I concentrated on getting trago to level 20 before I started worrying about leveling para just helps me to have another tank and if it ever becomes a hybrids it’s there anyway. And yes I would say monostego is worth the investment.


I recomend pyritator and utahsino, it get buffed right now for 1 delay instant charge.