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Team Choice Idea in PvP


So, I’ve seen plenty of complaints on RNG in this game. One form being the random dino selection off your team when going into battle. I thought of something that may still keep a competitive and fun element of surprise.

Your roster of 8 is displayed below (on your screen) to your opponent’s roster of 8 for each of you to see, but you each select your choice of 4 on your team. The catch is, you see the enemy’s team but don’t know which 4 they will pick. The order you pick them will determine where they go in the line, so you can line up your swap-in/out move users accordingly.

Thoughts on this idea? I feel it would open up fun combos you could use, especially with swap in abilities. But people could see the potential for these combos and try to predict things while giving you that option to predict as well.


I like this idea, like you say it opens the door to being able to pull off actual team-based strategies, instead of having to wing it every battle with whatever you’ve been auto-selected. I don’t like that RNG dictates so much in JWA and having a little more choice wouldn’t be a bad thing.