Team choices

Here is my team so far and what is right below, what do you think I should swap out and I am showing what I am close to getting but it’s hard with only one other player active in a five man alliance.
Thanks for any help in advance
image image image image

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I think your team is looking pretty good. You could try experimenting with diplotator or stegoceratops since you have them at similar levels to your team. Once you get rajanky u can try him out and see if u like him but on the long run he isn’t that great. Mostly a stepping stone to getting dioraja at this point. But I think you have a good looking team already. I understand that it’s exciting to try new Dino’s on ur team but I’d youre worried about competitive wise I think you’re set for now

Your main equipment is a mixture of DNAs that is certainly strange. You have both Monostegotops and Monomimus instead of having one of them strong. You also evolve Stegoceratops that share its DNA with Monostegotops. If you had renounced Monostegotops, for example, you could surely have a Monomimus of 19 (if you have enough Gallimimus) and Stegoceratops of 18 or 19 and your Team would be very strong.

What is indisputable is that it is a very compensated team with many ingredients between 16 and 18

Yeah, I am benching mono stegoceratops for monominus.
I know that both gigaspiker and stegod share DNA but I thin I can compansate for that enough as my area spawns all DNA regularly.
I am trying for megalosuchus to replace something and I wanna run tryko too