Team composition assistance!

So this is my current team, looking to replace indo and possibly tenontorex eventually. Indo for sure though, never invested any boosts into him at all so he’s not much of a loss. Struggling the most with Erlidom and rats so I’d prefer something with armor and shields/invincibility. Looking mostly at dioraja or grypo, but grypo does not really seem to be too strong in the arena. Then dio would be leveling slower as well due to competing for anky dna. Would’ve loved to use ardentismaxima instead but :man_shrugging:t2:

Why do you want to remove Tenonto??
Anyway, i’m in a very similar situation: thinking of changing something on my team, and looking for a tank. I was thinking of: monostego, tragod or the new carnotarkus (but whuero is the main bottle neck).
Dioraja and grypo for the same reason are miles away to team level: for dioraja i want to max my tryko first, so anky goes that way, and for grypo L4 is quite far from where i live and where i work.
So i was thinking of those 3, maybe it can help you😃

Thanks for the input! I actually could take monostego pretty high, just always leery of leveling/boosting legendaries. Both it and tragod are good, not enough experience with carnotarkus just yet.

Tenontorex just doesn’t have as many good matchups in my opinion, it does well against indoraptor, tryko and some tanks but indo is going away and I’ve got a few ways to deal with tryko as is.

I would change indo

Yeah trying to figure out which to replace indo with!

Edit: there a guide or anything to using grypolyth effectively? Even in friendlies he seems to die pretty quick.

Monostego is pretty strong right now with the addiction of distraction. Carno too, it hurts alot with the counter. Tragod is always Tragod. 3 dinos that have lots of move options i like them for this reason.
Grypo is a really strong dino, but it shines in a heavy swap-in team, accompained to other counter-attackers and stuff with swap in abilities (dracorat and so on). It relies its damage mostly in the rending counter. The key is to when use regeneration (that has 0 delay, that’s why it shines when swapped in&out).

Grypolyth is basically a tank slayer for the most part. He has issues with mainly chompers and stuff with distraction. He also has a positive matchup with Erlidom due to it having a shield and some armor.

I have it on my team right now, and it fits well as a staller/tank slayer thats able to heal itself. Easily the best out of the crocodilians, and honestly, probably the only actually good one :upside_down_face:

I have Trago lvl 28…was a liability against the chompers before boosts to lvl 5 on h/a/s.

In the higher arenas where I’m at, you typically run into the same 8-10 Dinos. Trago actually can hold it’s own against Thor (if same level and speed)…but is a liability against Dior and Tryko.

As someone above mentioned, because of trago’s moveset he has multiple options. I especially like guessing when someone will swap out and hit them with stun for extra 2 hits. I was debating pulling Trago off my team until 1.8. Now he’s even more powerful due to reduced crit, Draco nerf and evasive nerf. I used to dread facing an Indo with Trago but not anymore…

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If you can get Erlikospyx to team level or close to it, its Tyrant level so I would go for that, but that Bary Gen2 is a pain, though sanctuary does help now.

I can get spyx to team level and probably pretty close in boosts, I just think it’ll wind up being more rat fodder.

In regards to trago, I know he’s good, just always wary of leveling and especially boosting legendaries since they’re prone to nerfs.

With that composition you can use spyx as an opener, and “forcing” your opponent to use dracocera immediatly. Than counter it quite easily since that you play Thor, Erlidom, Tenonto and Dilorach. I’m trying also to play all the 129 chickens, and i switched spyx for indo too. Didn’t boost spyx yet (lv24) but seems working pretty well.
Regarding Trago, in the end it’s an old superhybrid that seems to have found its definitive postition in the meta, so i don’t see Ludia touching her too much, i think that it’s a pretty safe investment. But that’s my opinion :joy:
With this two dinos you can approach to dracorat problem in two different ways. But maybe the Trago solution can be more effective against Erlidom rather than Spyx.

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Legendary are generally only nerfed if they are being prepared to get a unique or are OP, such as poor invincibility Emu Monomimus.
But since Super Hybrid legendary cant get a further hybrid (at least not until they implement my TRI-brids idea I suggested :wink: ) they are a safe bet.

If you can win the speed tie or are faster boosted than the Erlidom then Spyx will kill it with ease :slight_smile: