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Team Composition


Yay, another one of these.

My team has grown significantly, mostly thanks to the addition of Indy. But I figured that meant it’d be time to sort out my team and see what I need. I also have my other high leveled stuff too to see what isn’t in the top 8.


A legendary for level 8.
That’s kinda suspicious.
Did you ever get VIP?

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Honestly you need more teeth. Your team I still about as good as it can be creature- wise, but those creatures need to be higher levels. That being said, I’d play around with Allosaurus and Suchotator a little bit and see how they fit in.


your team seems fine although you seem to be missing high speed damage. you have 4 tanks 3 tank busters and 1 raptor. i actually would recommend velociraptor instead of maybe alanqa or amargocephalus and you might be better of with that. blue has low damage too so you cant reliably hit hard fast


No. I think I just got lucky and the Alliance stuff really helped, along with the daily dinosaurs.

I know I did do one of the shop incubators once so a I probably got a chunk of my Rex DNA from there. I’d probably be a higher level did the game not stop working for me a few months back…

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Postimetrodon instead of Alanqa


Alright. I liked having Alanqua because unless the enemy could defense shatter, it was a safe switch in, usually after Indominus uses its cloak-amped attack.

Or maybe to avoid a Rampage, or even a Pounce if need be.


People will disagree with me but my suggestions are…

T. Rex.

I used to run pretty much that team (minus Indom and Alanqa) at your level for ages and it did me very well. Blue just isn’t worth it over Velociraptor. Keep leveling Posti and Gorgo, and you won’t go wrong.


tbh if i were you i would choose alanqa too. solely for the fact that in your level and a few levels above you indominus rex is everywhere and alanqa is the most reliable counter to it in those levels. alanqa will save you a lot of games and amargo… i dont know its just underwhelming


Personally I would get rid of Amargocephalus and replace it with Postimetrodon to increase your immunes. If it’s possible I would definitely replace Brachiosaurus with Suchotator. By far one of the most versatile dinos in the game.

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Got it. It could just be the low level + low damage but Posi just never seemed to help as much.

Or I’m just using it wrong.


Postimetrodon is fast and immune. It’s attacks break shields and crunch through armour. Coupled with regen when you need it, she is a very good hybrid.


The ability to break shields at its speed and regenerate half its health makes Postimetridon an excellent choice. True it won’t hit as hard as Gorgosuchus but it also won’t be slowed or weakened like Gorgosuchus either.

If you can keep it leveled up it’ll help you go the distance


Nuts. Mere seconds too slow.
Echo echo echo… :wink:

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Personally, I’d take out Amargacephylus if anyone. Postimetridon or Stygi would be a suitable replacement, your team lacks speed. That said, I would almost take Blue off your team for Velociraptor. At your rank, whoever carries a high level Velo in their back pocket holds the power play