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Team Delta is replacing inactive members


Hello there! The team for us who have Delta as our favorite from Owen’s velociraptor pack are searching for new members! As of now only 21/50 are active, so we want to replace the inactive players with active ones. We are working hard in the alliance missions, but realize we need more manpower and womanpower in order to reach higher level incubators! We now seem to get two level 3 incubators, and with your help we could reach level 4 or 5. Come join us and Delta!!

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Looking for an active alliance as well. I’m a 20, hubby is a 15. Play daily, always get our 10 per day. If I don’t complete my daily missions I’m sick.

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Feel free to join us! Look up the alliance Team Delta😊


Hi I’m only lvl 7 but have not been playing long , the alliance I have just quit only had about 10 active players, can I join? I’ve already sent a request.

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I also like to contribute to alliance missions

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Thanks for letting me join, anyone else looking for an alliance apply, they are a hell of a lot better than my previous alliance

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I’m looking for new alliance as well. We may have had 20 active. Was 2500 darts fired 1300 direct hits (and DNA but with darts fired we easily would have gotten both) from lvl 4 with 5 hours to go before reset. I les most categories and unless something stupid happens I get my dailies. In game Senoj #1480.


Welcome to the team! You and your family have been a great addition for us so far :slight_smile:


Awesome! Sent you an invite! :smiley: