Team feedback needed (especially based on 1.5 update)

Hi all,

Can you please give feedback on my team especially based on 1.5 update?

And I am also more interested in knowing if I go with Allonosaurus OR Uthasinoraptor? They both at level 19 and I have 750 DNA of Sinoceratops.

Thanks in advance


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And anyone else give me feedback please?

Were you referring to Allosino or just Allosaurus? If Allosino the legendary, don’t level it up past lvl 20 cos Thor (unique) will be introduced.

Stegodeus SS will be nerfed but still remains a tank. A high lvl Stego is still useful in the team.

Level up your bleeders and those dinos with immunity like Tryostronix & Monostego will be way better than Monomimus now.

Yes, I meant Allosino (legend); so who I create DNA for mainly Uthasino or Allosino?

Monostego is not immune, right? And I feed Galli and Stego to Monostego then?

Also is Monolemetrodon worth leveling or not needed for my team? (like if I already have better dinos)

Monostego = Monolopho + Stegoceratops.
And because Monolopho is so hard to find, it’ll be quite some task levelling up Monostego

I went the Allosino path & stopped trying to level up Utahsino

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ive put Monolomet back on my team because it has immunity to the incoming bleeds, can break shields, null, nerf damage AND is getting its speed set to 126 in 1.5 so will be great!

And its easy to level!

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I don’t have monolometro as I am aiming for magnapyritor. Chosing which dino to level up is so important as coins are a premium.

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Lol reading this is teaching me a lot lol THANK YOU GUYS