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Team feels fairly balanced

I’m sure there are “better” dinosaurs , but I feel I have most things covered. Any glaring mistakes im not seeing?

Maybe a bit more swap utility given the meta, but you’re in a great spot for where you at


IMO I think you might want to even out the levels? especially skoona and mrhino. I would have dropped skoona if I couldn’t level it but aside from those I think its great.

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Put it some feirce creature bro


You need a chomper. Maybe magna/spyx for something like mortem, tryko(?) and thor (?)

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I have thor 24 and did notice i dont have a pure fierce. Magna seems to kind of fit and I have 4 who can break shield ao I was trying to compensate , but you arent wrong, that is a hole. Appreciate it

I’d actually suggest keeping Spyx. It’s got great damage, speed, health and a wonderful moveset to bonk everything else with.

That being said, throwing in Thor or Tryko would be a good idea, especially if it means evening out the levels on that team.


Thats what gets me aswell, I’d like to run thor , but I dont really want to replace anyone lol

As much as I hate to suggest it, I’d recommend dropping Skoona. That level is just way too low compared to the rest of the team.

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Monlorhino is a good swap in

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Thoradolosaur is trash, unless you already have it at level 30 and boosted for raids. If you really need a fierce bring in mortem rex or dracoceratops to add some swap in utility. But I would not, you have enough to counter fierce creatures in your current team. You can only run resilient creatures in the current state of the game.

The Rats, MRhino and Mortem would all like to disagree.

Yeah, I would recommend a Dracorat if you want the extra swap-in utility. If you want pure damage, then it might be a good idea to go for GrinchCerat.

I have fluffy draco but hated only having 3 shield breakers, so swapped him out for mrhino