Team feels like it needs a refresh

Current team:

Current bench

I just feel like I’m not progressing anymore. My magna doesn’t the beast it once did, ditto with my erl. I’m open to anything, let me know your thoughts.

I’ve seen people do well with even a base lv gemini.
But to add in some interesting fun, something unexpected/ rarely used can bring a fresh of breath air. Anything in particular you used to love, but is not metta relevant anymore? Bring it to team level if you can and just try it out.

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I’d agree with Qiew in regards to gemini, maybe give Dojira a turn too? Your Dilorach looks good too but its hardly useful in this meta sadly.

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I like Diora; would say Tryo as well but that would be a lot of chompers.

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I wouldn’t bench magna, but bringing Dio in might be a good choice. Not sure which one to bench though, they’re all nice. Might as well stick to your team.

Personally I would kick Indo g2 because it deserves a nerf and it’s going to happen sooner or later. Not just that, it’s not fun to use. I also don’t like using Erlidominus, but I wouldn’t bench that either.

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Unboosted thor looks like a prime candidate for a bench… it feels bad benching your highest level i did the same a few months back and it helped. Thor isnt great in this meta and base stats thor is even worse. Dio or gemini…


I guess this is my real problem- I’m not having fun.

I appreciate the suggestions all, dio is working well for me. Kicked ig2 to the curb - I just can’t handle the playstyle.


I’m in a similar frame of mind with mine also… thinking of dropping my Thor for something fun to use. Waiting on indo2 procera rework though :blush:

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Smilonemys looks very poor compare to your bench. I think u should consider replacing it with Indoraptor. That would be my choice.

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You can also put Indo (G1) in Thor’s place. It’s just better

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Ironically not in my experience and heres why…

My unboosted ig2 usually gets 2 shot by dentist and quetz. It always loses to other ig2 by round 3. It takes a ton of damage if it isn’t outright killed by 2.6-3k dmg thors. Erl and indo g1 kill it if they hit it once through cloak. And dio does well against it.

Its great vs tryko, but thor is almost as good (most trykos outspeed my unboosted thor).

On the flip side, thor will live for 1 turn at least - and that turn wasnt used on a strike or a cloak. It was used to impact for 3k base with 40% crit. Hes tanky enough he can sometimes survive another hit and rampage or, barring that, he can ic and hurt + stun. That’s a fun combo to swap in my nemys to to finish stuff off - then swap the almost easily thor back in to take a big hit.

Ig2 isnt bad. Unbootsed it does well. But unboosted thor seems to go into my team comp better.