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Team for 1.10 review

Heres who i plan to use. Tell me what youre opinions are, as im wanting to aim for a more bulky team. Ill be showing a comparison to my current team as well.

1.9 team:


Team for 1.10

Tryko (nuff said)

Erlikospyx (immune to decel and has anti-tank options)

Magnapyritor (immunity and a good tank slayer, as well as options for tryko and friends)

Smilonemys (hit and run tank, also 50% armor)

Ardentismaxima (the better Geminititan)

Grypolyth (tank slayer and a hole puncher towards maxima)

Pterovexus (immune support birb with anti-tank options, and maybe troll for a draw)

Indoraptor Gen 2 (op revenge killer dino)

I would appreciate feedback for how this team fairs. Aiming for an overall bulkier team compared to my 1.9 team, but a few good speedsters to help fend off Tryko and friends

Indom - first legendary that has been on my team through many updates.

Erlidom- why the hell not

Allosino - my 3rd legendary. Warm spot in heart

Thor- because it is necessary

Utahsino - my second legendary. Has a warm spot in my heart

Dracocera - just to keep opponents honest and piss them off

Indo Gen 2 - only because the Unique Indo is made of paper mache

Psycho Mexichicken - has been on my team from the getgo

My try and true team that got me this far.

Any further deviation or altering of my team I would feel it would be a jinx. Moreover, I plan on vigorously boosting the hell out of this team come the reset.

As I stand now:

I’ll be changing a lot of these around. Trying to get Smilonemys in the next 2 months. Also working towards Erlikospyx, Erlidom, and Magna, although slowly. May add indo g2 once i can get it to 20 or 21. Rat will come off with my next unique creation.


These is what I’ll have in new update

I would use Gemini instead of Vexus if your aim is a more bulky team, both are pretty hard to level though. I don’t think Vexus is very good but as you said, it can be a good support.
I’m planning to run in my team:
Tryko-The powerhouse
Maxima-The delinquent dentist
Magna-Laughing Spiky Dog
Gemini-The immovable object
Nemys-Extra thicc kitty
Indo gen2-The better sibling
Spyx/Thyla(not so sure since 1.10 hp nerf though)-Psycho clown fishers
Tenrex/Thor-Chomp chomp

Spyx is easily better than Thyla, but Thyla only lost 150 health with the update, so it’s still pretty viable.

dioraj is very underated


Yeah, I know it’s better, but boosts 2.0 will change the relevance of fast creatures, so a creature like Thyla that could be boosted only in hp and speed(since it doesn’t rely on damage) could be a better choice in the new meta, but we’ll see about that. I’m still salty with the hp nerf. It didn’t need a nerf, both parents have 4500 hp and the dodge change doesn’t justify it imo.

Yeah, im going to drop gemini thanks to it being a huge pain in the rear to level, as well as being “the inferior maxima.”

Lets face it, Tryko and friends are going to rise dramatically in usage, and since Pterovexus made high apex this time, i figured it would be worth looking into it and found interest in it’s talents

Good point.

The fact that swap in bleed with distraction on top of it being immune and having the coveted 129 speed, as well as swoop all look attractive. Swap in bleed can also be used to force a draw if the opponent’s last dino is almost dead, lacks immune, and outruns me lol

True. Guess I just find Vexus’ kit kinda meh, even if the stats and utility are good. I don’t usually run dinos that I don’t like, even if they are good. I was hoping for a kit rework on Vexus instead of just raw stat buffs.

Vexus is the one taking Thor’s spot. Im dropping it once boosts 2.0 take the stage.

Thoradolosaur isnt very good in this meta, even losing to the two dinos it’s historically supposed to counter (Gemini and Ardentis). The only real reason Thor is still around is because of boosts turning it into the infamous wrecking ball that we’ve had a long time now.

If you want to use a Thor with the new system, it will obviously benefit the best by maxing it’s attack. However, that leaves the last 10 boosts to be put into speed or hp. However, a 25% increase in bulk isnt really much, and a 25% increase in speed prevents it from outrunning it’s counters.

Overall, i think Thor is kinda screwed in this meta. Itll still see use, but it might start to fall off teams


My team in 1.9 is:

My team in 1.10, from a non endgame standpoint
Utasinoraptor (MVP)
Tryostronix (Revenge killer with immunity and tank busts)
Carnotarkus (An upgrade from Purrut)
Indoraptor G2 (OP. Needs a slight hp nerf and a cs nerf if anything)
Monolometrodon (I like it)
Stegodeus ( I like it)
Thylacotator ( I’m still gonna use it, it’s just too awesome)
Allosinosaurus (I like it)

Indeed. I’m leaning more towards Tenrex for the bulk and utility, I’ve even replaced my Thor with it some time ago. But even Tenrex might suffer from the same problems. It is a professional Tryko killer though, better than Thor at it, so I see value in that.

R.I.P. those who maxed Thor

Btw, the way i have my team set, it’s overall bulkier than my previous one, but i think it has a nice balance between things that are fast and things that can shrug off hits. I feel the same about your team as well, nice balance

I knew my team had a bunch of speedsters, but the way i picked my team was to identify which tanks were going to rise up most definitely, and which speedsters were still worth using. Heres what i got:

Erlidominus is 100% taking a huge hit from this change, and since it doesnt really offer much outside of revenge killing and cloak, i didnt see it as worth using on my team. Spyx filled this instead since it has a more versatile kit, on top of still being able to handle the rat, should it come in. And since Spyx was already on my team, I decided Vexus would take over as an additional support dino to help with the big name tanks that will be showing up a ton more, such as Tryko, Dio, Grypo, etc.

I was going to drop procerathomimus anyways since it struggles in the higher arenas thanks to the prevalence of immunity. Indoraptor Gen 2 will fill in once its at team level, and while it is a speedster still, it has ways to fix the speed problem, on top of just being the most broken dino in the game right now. Thor was addressed above, and Smilonemys will fill him in once i get it unlocked, and Gemini is leaving in exchange for Ardentis since its just better overal now.

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I think this entire forum is making too many rash decisions based on some words in a forum post. Before doing something as drastic as saying a dino as defining as thor or erlidom is bad in a meta, we should experience it first. I’m skeptical that thor will be as bad as people make it out to be. It’ll still have its place in the meta as a tank destroyer, as will erlidom as a fast dino disposal method. We just can’t know for sure until it happens.

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Not Sure:
Monomimus. This is my fav dinosaur, and the dodge rework is nice, but their attack got nerfed way to much. Now instead of being a glass cannon, monomimus will be a dodging distraction that isn’t gonna be able to kill procera constantly anymore…

Allosinosaurus. This things good and all but I might get a new dinosaur instead, like Thylacotator.

As someone who uses Thylacotator, dewit. The hp nerf hurts it a bit but 4350 hp isn’t that bad

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Mine will be;

  • dioraja 26 / tryko 24
  • ardent 24
  • grypo 24
  • indo G2 24
  • magna 25
  • tenonto 25
  • erlidom 27
  • procera 27 (depending on nerfage)