Team for Battles and Dino Infos


It’s way better than expected this game to be, but wish I could choose what dinos to pick for battling, it would be funnier if we could do that.
Furthermore the dino bios could be longer, it’s only a four-line information… Imagine how great it would be if this games was sort of an encyclopaedia!


It makes sure players with only a few top dinos dont dominate the ranking with only those dinosaurs.

Great example i encountered today: 3 raptors in one team! While i literally got 0 of my raptor counters. This is pretty ridiculous if you can only select specific dinosaurs. Thats why the random team works perfectly fine. (:

Dino bio i can only agree on and suggested similar ideas as well. Loads of IRL details can be added in-game!


Dino biographies is something I fully support, but I’m a bit sceptic regarding effort vs reward in implementing long copy-pasted articles you could read at Wikipedia anyways. How many would take the time to read in-game vs on e.g. Wikipedia?

To get full value of better biographies, I think it should be implemented as an integral part of the gameplay as a reward system in itself. Please check out my post Dinosaur biography rewards and upvote it if you’d like to see it happen. :slight_smile: