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Team for competition/tournament

Dear team,

introductory I wanna say a big “concratulation” and “thanks” to you for this game! I’m a very big fan and I like the things which can be done in that!

But there is one fact which bothers me pretty strong: if there is a competition/tournament with special requirements for the dinosaur (f.e. only ‘epic’, only 'legendary, a.s.o) you have to change the whole team for playing. And than, when you want to absolve the daily competition/tournament, you have to change back and after that, to continue the competition/tournament, one back-change again.

In reason of that my question: would it be possible, to built two teams at the same time? Once for regular buisness, once for competition/tournament? I could imagine, that this could be handle with a new special button, with allows to switch between this two team? And the button could be placed next the team options!

I think that could be a way to make it much more easier and faster. Currently this situation prevent me to play the competition/tournament like it should be!

I hope this is an idea you can work with :slight_smile:

Best regard


They just have to make the menu for entering tournament remember your team settings, while normal arena uses your main team settings. But I doubt they’ll bother to do that. I’d be amazed if they fix chat bug next patch, or if they add fliers to sanctuaries.

I’d be surprised if they do any bug fixes or QOL changes too. They just don’t have a very good track record for that kind of stuff. Ludia’s mentality seems to add new stuff and fix everything else later. Even if the new stuff breaks something or just isn’t well implemented. Ludia just needs to listen and focus on what’s needed.

It seems that my suggestion have been realized… at least a part of it respectively in an other way I ment it. Now it’s possible to create an own team for battles against friends. So you can switch between the team for “normal fights” and those against friends.
Perhaps there will be also the option, to create a team only for tournament and this is still showen with beginning of the new tournament. I’m curious if it will be this way… but what we know still now: it would be possible to do it that way!! :slight_smile:

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Now that I read my comment from a few weeks ago, it seems that I was wrong. That’s good though.

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