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So I have been playing for about a month now and am getting tired of the swap in meta even as a player level 11. I want to develop my own anti-meta (meaning not of the meta) team with a few exceptions. Will you guys let me know what you think? Also, I am far off from getting any of these with the exception of Dracoceratops.

Dracoceratops (I want to use since it was my first legendary)
Mortem Rex
Ceramagnus (I know it is in the meta rn)
Hadros Lux
and Indoraptor

So these are the main guys I am considering. I know that certain creatures (Draco and Cera) are still part of the meta but otherwise, what do you guys think?

Edited: And yes I know that I have more guys listed than I can put on a team. Those are just some guys I am considering.


You should look in another direction.


Ngl I have no idea what I am talking about.

I just picked some dinos

Anti-Meta usually means running creatures that typically beat the meta creatures. So things that punish swappers (creatures with on escape abilities for example) or creatures with no escape would be good “anti-meta”.


Ah that makes sense. But don’t most of those guys have swap prevention resistance?

Your team is not an anti meta team, it is a solid meta team. If you’re focusing on anti meta team, get counters for each meta creature. For example: testacornibus for swappers, erlidominus for mortem rex, mammolania/entelolania for lux, and smilonemys for any of the apexes really.

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Honestly the best creatures that counter the meta are
Grypo - beats lux and magnus in a 1 v 1
Majungaboa beats magnus(only if they swop into it)
For mortem its any creature that can dodge and distract. For example the Eagle.
But this is my opinion. But yeah they are some good creatures.
Smilo is very good if you have swop ins. I use it at the moment at lv27 with low boostes and it can 1 v 1 many creatures.