Team for the update

Team for the new meta. Indoraptor for indominus. All hail the bleed/immune dinos


Ah I see u packing them bleeding Dino’s. First steps to the bleeding chaos

Haha if it bleeds, we can kill it :joy:


Low levels but great Dino’s. Your gonna have a lotta fun


Yeah coins are my problem. :weary:

Join the club buddy… only 10,000 coins to join :wink:

Gonna prepare a team with lots of immunes… I’m sure bleed will be waay too common now…

Gonna be strapped for Sino DNA with both its hybrids in your lineup.

I’m lucky I see them quite a lot in my local zone.

My body is ready for you, bleeder lovers xd

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Maybe immune creatures will become very common… The right question to build the right team could better be “What is best against immunes?”…

Maybe the tanks that can take a few hits, or the high damage dinos that will take huge chunks of their health