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Team help! Am I doomed...?

Hi all,

I am so happy that I am now on about 3100 trophies and in Sorna Marshes, but yeah this is getting a bit tricky with my team. Any help on who to focus on in terms on focusing on and who I should swap from my team?

Sadly, I didn’t go down the Indo Gen 2 and Indo Rap 2, as I did begin to play this game around 2 years ago… Should have done my research! :frowning:


Swap Mono and Gigaspika. If i can see ur roaster Ican help futher.

I am in Lockdown and am really close to arena 7,I think I am close enough to suggest some stuff,
Ardontosaurus(Ardentismaxima but slightly worse)
Purutaurus(Really good epic)
Phorusaura(Since you have a 15 Maiasaura,should be simple,I am playing from 2 months)

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Stop leveling miragia. Waste of coins. Tryo is good. Indom is good. I would not go for thor. If anything, just keep working on allosino. It’s honestly better in my opinion. Try to get indo gen 2, or at least indom gen 2. Then work on thylacotator. Marsupial lion is out this week

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