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Team help for 3.5k Throphys

Hello everyone! I come requesting help for my team, as I’m close to breaking 3.5k Throphys. I’m currently sitting at 3.4k Throphys.

These are my team + other dinosaurs I have. I’m currently working on getting Thor.

These are dinosaurs I’m close to creating + have DNA for to start working on it.

All help is appreciated, Thank you all :slight_smile:

I would swap out Stegodeus for Tryostronix.

Also Indom for Monostegotops and maybe Posti for Utasino cuz this little raptor is a beast!

I’ll see how well the swaps do, I have created Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2’s hybrid today (I can’t spell his name, I’m sorry) do you think he’ll have a spot? Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Outta curiosity, how close are you to unlocking Thor? I’m currently at 100/250, myself!!

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I didn’t start fusing him yet, I’m still working on getting Tarbosaurus up to 20, he’s level 17 currently. Thor is my long-term goal. :slight_smile:

Aahh. Good luck to you, good sir! Thor, dino god of thunder, will actually be my first Unique!! I am specifically going outta my way to make it happen!! :grin:

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Thanks, and good luck to you aswell Friend ^-^ Indoraptor was my first unique. Thor is going to be my second unique. :slight_smile:

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I’m sure he was many people’s first Unique, and honestly, he would’ve been mine too. But I’m too much of a Deinocheirus to go out in my neighborhood at night to go hunting for Velociraptors. :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I wasn’t allowed to go night hunting much before, I gathered most of my V-Raptor from strike events and when he was featured as a event dino.

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