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Team Help for a Returning Player


So, I’ve been away from the game for quite some time now, and have been back for several weeks now. However, in attempting to understand everything I’ve missed I’ve become a bit lost. Ill love you forever for any suggestions on how I can maximize my team with what I have, and any suggestions on a good path to focus on :smiley:

It’s ok. After implementing boosts, we are ALL lost at the moment. If anything, NOW is a good time to be away for a while.

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Agreed with @rimshaker. Now really isn’t the time to return. There’s so much awesomeness in this game, but it has been ruined by the latest update. It’s actually shocking how far the game has fallen.

If you still want to dive back in, I’d be happy (we’d be happy) to help you with your team.

What’s your trophy level right now?

Right now I’m at 2455. Been hard to get past the folks who took advantage of the stat boost situation.

@rimshaker @Europa Well I was lucky enough to get in about 2 weeks before the 1.7 fiasco hit. Just in time to fall back in love with the game to have a decent facepalm for that whole week, and now this lol.

That aside, I’m back for the long haul and trying to learn what I’ve missed out since I’ve been back. I’ve been enjoying the community & pvp features I missed out on, and I literally walk everywhere I go so it’s nice to bury my head in my phone and hunt too. :smiley:

I hear ya.

So, based on your screencaps, and your chosen team, I think you’ve optimized for your arena. My son’s in the same range/arena, and that looks like a competitive team. Solid second-string players here would be Ankylocodon (immunity), Utahraptor , Miragia leveled-up(nasty counterattack, plus regen), Kentro (counterattack + slowing and distracting), and maybe some swap-in coolers like Alanqa and a bleeder bird like Darwin. Edmontoguanodon is promising at a higher level, and Stygimloch can be a lifesaver.

Postimetrodon should be on your “create” list, and well as Utahsino. You already know about Indominous.

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Focus on Utahraptor to 15. Utahsinoraptor and allosinosaurus are the legendaries that helped me break into lockdown. I’m sure there are other methods of that too.
Alanqa was a star player for me. Can Deny raptors and indominus their big attacks. Swap Alanqa into a raptor shrug off the damage from pounce, cleanse distraction and slow them for a potential KO. Watch out if Dino you swap out could be killed by a strike. Most players won’t go for the over kill.