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Team help? I have all my slots filled but


Uploading: F4D95895-D912-4CF7-9E47-98C911F44D39.png… I have all my slots filled with apex dinos but I’m trying to decide if swapping one of them out for Suchotator would be advantageous. But the question is which Dino do I swap out? Please oh forum gods aid me with your infinite wisdom.


Post a screenshot of your team its hard for us to give advice not know ehat your team is.


I tried to upload one twice but it’s giving me issues let me try in comment



It wouldn’t let me upload through the post because of terrible downtown service. But there it is in my last comment.


I posted it in a comment I was having trouble uploading it.


Suchotator for dg2


A lot of the matches I’ve been winning in Sorna marshes have been with dg2. I feel like having it in these lower 3000+ matches works out better for my circumstance. Any thoughts on that?


try using sucho and i can assure you, you will win more matches than now


If I were you, I will not upgrade Stegoceratops that high and instead work toward Monostegotops. He is better as Indoraptor counter. In higher trophy range, you will regularly face them (and usually is over-level).

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I’ve got monostega on the team already my stegocera has been high level for a long time way before I actually had a good team haha. But in that case do you think I should just take out Stegoceratops? I was considering it but I sometimes use him in late game to take up damage and and stun when I’m in tough spot.


Nope until you get a better tank e.g. Stegodeus, Gigaspikasaur, Tragodistis.

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I’d personally bench Dracorat as well, but yeah, other than that, either Monomimus or Stegoceratops.

Though Monomimus might be worth keeping if the Nullifying Impact change is true. Who knows.


Thanks guys I took out dg2 for sucho and I’m almost to 3500 now and I was at 2900 for awhile so that was def the right choice. I’m about to get stegodeus and when I do I’m gonna swap him for stegocera. It’s starting to feel like my team being lower level is what’s really killing me now that I’m going in and out of 3500.

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Congrats! Yeah, you gonna be there for a long time until you get the dna to lvl them up. But don’t worry, we’re all in the same situation, that’s just how this game works

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I decided to replace sucho with proceratomimus because obvious reasons

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