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Team help… keep losing

Hey guys. So I was wondering if you could help fix my team? I keep getting thrown the “bad” part of my team in battle after a crazy winning streak and now I’m losing to dumb things like Smilodon and Compies. I’ve gotten some legendary stuff to try and move up, but now I’m just stuck. Is there anything I can do or no?

Everything in your team is pretty solid, maybe remove monomimus since it can be easily overthrown by resilient creatures. Use erlikogamma and do plenty of unique and legendary raids. Focus on getting Trex to level 20 and don’t focus too much on indoraptor

I would say there’s a lack of resilient creatures in your team, which is why you’re losing to those two dinos in particular. Unless you get Sarco or Sucho chosen, a good portion of your team will easily fall to a good cunning or two.

Are there any resilient hybrids you’re close to completing? I’m not seeing many resilients in that list, but I think a good one could really help. Unless they’re boosted, you could easily drop either Rex or Allo (I’d say Rex personally, since Allo can cleanse). I’d also suggest dropping Monomimus soon, and replace her with either Procerathomimus or Erlikogamma for the time being.

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