Team help please stuck

My team

My tops

Any help can’t make it past 3500

For the most part your team is fine… it just needs levels… if you can get the Alanqa hybrid… I’d trade it in for trago.

Looks like you’ve spent a lot of coins on unnecessary commons and others. Also few of them(rares/commons/epics too) are way leveled up. I would personally stop leveling up if there is a hybrid I can fuse with, at a lower level.

If Ludia sees your post, they will be real happy watching someone spending a lot of coins/DNA on the dinos that are of least use.


I just notice the gen2 trike… that ones hurts me to see

This hurts my eyes :see_no_evil:

Looking at Tryostronix at level 16 and Postimetrodon at 19, my eyes just bleed.

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The posti is ok. A bunch of folks opt for him bc he’s a poor mans tryso. Many players can’t get the Barry dna to justify getting the legend.

This is me.

I don’t even like to evolve any until I get my other dino’s DNA to make a fuse to create their legendary. But I do have a solid dinos on my deck, which makes me to stay away from evolving those epics.

I rarely over level component Dino’s

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I have a lv19 gen 2 stygi and trike haha. That was back when legendaries seemed like an impossibility and I had coins to waste…

Replaced my I-rex with Stegotops and started to win more often again.

Lack of Barry DNA and many others. The trike I blame on my OCD hate seeing the Lil green number by my dino icon

Honestly your team is fine… have you tried to change what time you do your battles. That has helped me before… because my team is a little lower then yours and im normally between 3400-3600 depending on if im on a winning streak or losing streak.