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Team help please


This is my team so far

This is what I am working on

And this is what I can change in

Any help please.


I would be tempted to swap suchotator for v raptor, maybe allo for gorgo at that level but apart from that looks the best it can be.


I switched in sucharator.


Your team is “probably” as good as it can be, your play style not withstanding. I removed my trago and I would say thats a soft spot on your team but I wouldnt say you have an absolutely better option


@Bob_janse_Jr I am absolutely no expert, but your dinos are pretty equally leveled…which also can cause a problem by spreading your key DNA a little to thin. When I look at your team I see your Monostego, Stego, Stegod, all competing for DNA, and your ability to create Monomimus and Meglo (because of gorgo)suffering for it as well. Trying to level them all at the same time the issue holding you back. You have to decide who to level up, and who to leave behind.