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Team help please?


So I’ve leveled up some of my hybrids and last time I asked for some advice it was mentioned to keep leveling tryostronix and switch it later on. Any suggestions? I’ve also almost got megalosuchus created, only 10 dna more. I was also wondering if procerathomimus was worth leveling up at my current level? I’m in Sorna marshes.


I think your team is pretty good as it is… But since you leveled up Tryos, I would try replacing Dilo or Trago… That Alanky of yours could also be pretty useful. It’s the best IndoRex counter and you could use some SIA there… Do some experiments, try different formations… That’s how we find the ideal team.

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Alright thanks I’ll do that. Yeah it’s all trial and error


I agree with @Arnold. Level up your Alanky and try her out.


Megalosuchus is a huge mistake… Don’t invest…

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Pure tanks are a wasted investment once you will reach Lockwood Mannor.

Tragodistis can be pretty useful (because of its ridiculously high speed paired with the stun and long Invincibility) and so is Monostegotops (it can use 3-5 back to back impacts) . There is no reason to have Stegodeus there.

Stegodeus gets butchered by:

  • Spinachsuchus
  • Tyrannolophosaurus
  • Dracoce-RAT-OP-s
  • Allosinosaurus
  • Thoradolosaurus
  • Indoraptor
  • Diorajasaurus
  • Tenontorex
  • Suchotator
  • Stygidaryx
  • Darwezopteryx
  • Vexus
  • Trykosaurus
  • Tryostronix
  • Even an even leveled I-Rex

Meanwhile Tryostronix will get more and more valuable the higher you climb, because it kills Tragodistis, Stegodeus, Dracoce-RAT-OP-s, Trykosaurus, Tenontorex, Tyrannolophosaurus, Monostegotops, Stygydarix, etc…

So imo stick with Tryostronix and drop Stegodeus into the rubbish bin. Only reason people still play it because they overleveled it back in the day and it’s a menace if 3-4 levels ahead. On even levels, it will just draw you back. Not to mention eating up your, now hard to find Stegosaurus DNA which could empower your Monostegotops.

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I think Stegod can still be pretty strong… It’s able to take down or at least seriously harm even higher level counters, and leave it slowed down for a revenge kill, which can decide the match… But I don’t like Megalo either… it’s component (Gorgo) can be more useful. Besides, you already have Spinota that needs Kapro, the same component needed for Megalo… And Spinota is way, way better.


Indom becomes a gambling liability the higher you go. Slow and easily countered/anticipated by anything with shields and nullify. I would swap her out for Tryo. Stegod is still useful and common in the upper arenas thanks to her large health pool and armor. Once you have access to several uniques, then Stegod can move to the bench.


I-Rex beats Monostegotops into the ground on even levels, without Mono criting which had only 20% chance of happening anyway, which isn’t even reliable. Indominus can also beat Suchatartarsauce easily as well.

Monomimus or Proceratomimus vs Indom is blind luck based, can go either way, depending on who dodges on which turn and how good you are reading your opponent.

The only dinosaurs with nullifying that beat her no matter what are Tanycolagreus, Magnapyrritor and Tyrannolophosaurus can only be beaten if the stars align for Indominus (needs both dodging and not being crit once)

Failing both dodges has a statistical chance of 25%, which is the same as failing a crucial stun. 25% chance of losing against 75% winning high tier dinosaurs like Utarinex, Diloracheirus, Tenontorex, Spinachsuchus, etc is more than worth it. It also has a pure 50% chance of winning both Indoraptor, and Erlidominus as well as Thoradolosaurus, which is huge as well.

The only uniques that win over I-Rex no matter what are only Trykosaurus (because it’s stupid anyway), Magnapyrritor, the latter almost noone utilises.

I forgot the name of the dude, but there is someone in the top 50 with an Indominus as well and he does really well with his.

Not to mention, I-Rex is way more than just dodging, the armor piercing big attacks and the immunity with almost tank level of hp can be used for some pretty hefty comebacks. I-Rex is only a gambling liability if you use it like one.


Indominus lvl 20 is good just for bench in Lockwood. Once you have Monostego lvl 21 or higher, I-rex eats dust. Second best counter is overleveled Stegodeus.
Mine Monostego (lvl 23) eats I-rex for breakfast. I just start smiling seeing I-rex coming first, cause 99% of time cloak is first move. I swap to Monostego or Stegodeus.

Stegodeus is still very good tank. It can take damage from hard hitting fast dinos. It’s one of best Diloracheirus counters for players without uniques that can counter it.

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Right meow you have too many tanks in. Lose one of them. Start playing your tryo and learn how to use it. Start building your team and stay focused on them. Strategically hunt the dinos you are focused on building. Also, I noticed you have all legendaries in your rotation. At your level there are more than a few rare and epic dinos that can destroy legendary and unique creatures when they are over leveled.

Use the friendly battle system to see which dinos at 26 are fun and useful for your style of game play. Just because everyone uses a lot of the same dinos doesn’t mean you have to. I use rare dinos in my rotation and I float between 90-250 in the rankings.

I know I haven’t been really specific, but I hope it helps anyway. The important take away here is use the weekly events and knowledge of how the zones work to strategically build your team faster.



Well, that is their problem they leave Indominus on lvl 20 like morons. Lvl 20 is I-Rex’s weakest level.

Mine (lvl 22) can gulp up Monostegotops and Stegodeus on even level or even 1 lvl higher without problem.

I don’t know how it works, but on lvl 22+ I-Rex lives a +1 Monostegotops two hit with like 10 hp left despite being a level lower. Dunno how it is possible if the stats grow equally…


I see that I-rex lvl 22 survives 2 hits from lvl 23 Monostego, but lvl 23 Monostego survives two hits from lvl 22 I-rex too.

Different health pool and different attack power is the answer for differences.


The issue with leveling Indom past 20 is that’s fusions on Erlidominus/ Indoraptor you’re sacrificing, both of which are far superior to Indorex.


Really? I remember twoshotting it, but I will pay more attention next time. You could be right on that one.

Even levels I am 100% Indom wins (unless crited)


Well, I run all 3, and from my experience, Erlidominus is always limited by Erlikosaurus.

Indoraptor need so much raptor DNA it’s once again more limited by raptor than Rex DNA.

Indom is pretty easy to level up as well.

But I am seeing where are you coming from. If lack of DNA is a problem, surely you want to drop I-Rex off for Indoraptor. But if you can Afford both, I-Rex is a fantastic addition.

Imo Erlidominus and I-Rex work different enough that it’s not really a matter of which is better as how you want to play. I-Rex is way more resilient against tanks than Erlidom.


Lots of good info thanks everyone. I didn’t know a lot of that about the levels thing that’s weird. I always liked gorgosuchus better tbh. I’ll do some rotating and see what works.

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