Team help post 1.5

currently im working on Thor. should i drop or add anyone? ran out of baryonyx so i cant get tryo any higher.


mimus is such a good opener but thats what im leaning towards

Thor is a waste of dna ATM. In my opinion Allo is much better simply because of the armor. This may change in the future so I guess it’s based off of preference

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any suggestions for my current team? i dont have enough dna to push allison up higher and now not enough to create sinex

It looks pretty balanced. Two tanks two immune. I like stegoce alot now with the double stun. Also magna will be a liability at that low of a lvl. But you do need speed as well. So it’s pretty much a toss up. Its really hard to pick which one is best without knowing the current teams you are facing

im working my way up towards 5k trophies again. so the usual indo, tryko, diloracherius, sinex etc and now thors

I would say work on trago and swap out giga. Concentrate all the DNA for stegod. It’s still very effective. And maybe try to boost monostego

should i try to unlock anything else aswell?

I wouldn’t. Save the DNA till you are happy with your trophy climb and work towards your permanent fixtures on your team. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s the greatest. Alot of the top are starting to swap back out for old faithfuls because of the weaknesses these new Dino’s have

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understandable. not so much new but like sinex?

and i still love mimus. was debating on keeping her and leveling her hp up.

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Sinex and dilo are basically the only exception. But who knows how long before a nerf

I still use monomi. Definitely still the goat

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i see you still use tuo too🤔

have you ever used a giga before? what level is yours, just curious

Tuo is insane lol. Ppl always sleep on it. Taken down so many lvl 30 indor I lost count

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Never created giga. So I am a lil bias towards trago

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last one for you… if i choose stegocera or monostego who should i replace?

I’m thinking swap out magna

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ok ill see how this goes on my way up to 5k. thankyou very much for your help.

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