Team Help - Stuck in Arena 5


I need some advice. I’ve been stuck in arena 5 for awhile and can’t seem to really go forward. I feel like I’m in JW limbo.
Here is my Team, any syggestions are very welcome.


You need to collect more DNA, miracles are impossible!


Far too many Epics - not enough balance. Lets see, I wouldn’t waste any more DNA on Sarcorixis and switch it out for Einiasuchus and invest fully in that, that alone will carry you through the arenas. Also I’d ditch Blue for a Utahraptor/Common Velociraptor. Swap Stigymoloch for your Stegosaurus until you can make Stegotops. I would also put something immune in like Dimetrodon. Give it go. Let me know how you get on. :wink:


@Kitalon thank you so much! I’ll give it a go and report back :slight_smile:


@Daicius I8yjsRcf4lYfS


I’m… At a loss for words. Thank you so much, my mind is blown! Took your advice and won 3 times in a row! Thank you so much again



UPDATE: I worked so hard. And I got her! And I rocked a guy who had armor piercing dinos with her alone
Thank you again for your kind advice