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Team help, suggestions?


Hey all! I keep getting stuck in this rut of going up and going down every other battle. Seem to be stuck around 3200 trophies and can’t quiet make it past it. Starting to wonder if it’s my team? I also keep wondering if I should level my Gorgosuchus or make its hybrid? Or just keep the coin? Any help or suggestions would be grand!! Thank you!


Your team is better than mine and i’m at about 3400, highest i got before i dropped to stay in Marshes was 3496. You may need to take a closer look at your tactics.

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I made it to 3350 just before the tournament and ever since it’s been up and down. Mostly been RNG I think? Cloaks not cloaking, stuns not stunning, and my opponent landing all the Crits. Which I’ve come to expect with this game and that’s fine! Wondering if I had the wrong dinosaurs on my team or maybe it was something I was doing? I don’t battle often ( once a week) so maybe I just need more practice.


Nah nothing i can see, your team is pretty solid. Could be lack of practice, could be an interesting run of RNG. I dunno my man. Though what i can recommend is pouring all that DNA into Indoraptor.


Oh man I trying, RNG hasn’t been kind. gotten so many Tens trying to fuse Indoraptor, I haven’t tried to fuse Thor yet. Now I am just having a hard time finding Rex! Been a almost two weeks.

And thank you! Least I know I got a good team, I’ll just keep practicing!


I’m honestly getting pretty lucky on my indo, 2 30s and a 10 and 51 from darting it. I’ve got plenty of t-rex, but i’m not able to get out at night and hunt velociraptor very often.


Velo out, level up Suchotator and throw her in. Looking good other than that :slight_smile:

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Exactly what I was going to say, above


I actually prefer gorgo over megalosuchus. Gorgo is faster, higher damage, defense shattering moves, and can cleanse itself of bleeding/distractions. He’s able to one-shot tanks with a crit hit.


Prefer Gorgo too. Just leveled mine yesterday to lvl 22. It’s back on my team instead of Indominus.

EDIT: Velo out, Suchotator in. Possibly Ankylo instead of Allosino/Tryo.


Gorgo fan here too… Megalo never impressed me… I usually beat it with ease, unless it’s level is too high compared to my dinos.

Though you already have Spino, which uses Kapro’s DNA, so just stick with that.


If you level your tarbo you can start fusing Thor?


Kept hearing that so I wasn’t sure if I should dump the coin or not! Wasn’t sure if it was something that needed to be leveled up a few to be useful. Duly noted! Thank you for your help!


I keep going back and forth if I should or not haha I’ve had such awful luck fusing Indoraptor, I’ve been too scared to fuse Thor. I was waiting until I got 30k dna for tarbo.


Alright! I’ll toss them back in, only took them out as I had monostego and spinotah. Maybe I’ll finally level them up! Thank you so much!

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Hmmm I fused Thor in 11 fuses I definitely got a 70 and a 50 in there somewhere and it wasn’t nearly as bad as my indo. Just the luck of the draw though!


I wouldn’t play spinotasuchus and suchotator personally.


Gorgo is definitely worth leveling up beyond 20 on any team. Turns out she got buffed with Cleanse, not nerfed like everyone thought months ago.


Yeah my thor was one of my easier fuses… it boggles my mind how good of fuses i get with him.

I also agree with not running suchotator and spinotah… i tried it for a while but i ended up with both of them way to often


I must be cursed cause I just tried fusing Thor and just got two tens. Gave up after that as my heart can’t take it lol