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Team Help - T-Rex allocation

Need help with deciding which way to spend my TRex DNA. Obviously Tryko will be a main stay but I’m wondering if I should abandon my Indo upgrading and start on my Erlido? Spreading Trex 3 ways seems unwise.
So my question is - Continue upgrading Indo or starting creating Erlido? Thanks!
Oh and I’ve used NO BOOSTS on Indo yet so that is not a consideration.

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Bump. Cause by-god I want at least 1 intelligent/helpful reply.

That really depends, who would you replace with Erlido?

I would continue levelling Indoraptor. :smiley:

Also, your team is awesome…I’m jealous. :sob:

That is an awesome bank of resources! My preference is Indo over Erlidom. With cleansing abilities, three-turn evasive, and armor piercing plus defense shattering, I find Indo to be more versatile. Erlidom can be so easily negated with armor and shields, and I’ve never been terribly impressed with it. Glass cannon, yes (I had one do 12,900 damage the other day), but I still feel like it’s a niche player. This is perhaps because I run two tanks: L29 Stegod with an 8,626 HP (I’m more embarrassed than happy to have it boosted that high), and L28 Trago. Both of these provide a lot of defense against all but the most boosted Erlidoms.

Part of this is also bias because Erlik is so rare around me that I didn’t unlock it until like December or January. That’s Erlik, not even Erlidom. So all my grinding was to get Indo resources, and Erlidom was soooo far off that I put it out of my mind. By they time I could unlock Erlidom, I didn’t bother, because I didn’t want to waste coin on leveling-up my Erlik to unlock a L21 Unique that’d be 3-5 levels below the rest of the team, and outclassed. I’m now one lucky fusion from L30 with my Indo.

When Erli works, it really works, but when it doesn’t, it really doesn’t. The same can be said for Indo, but I feel like it’s effective more often than Erli, and fails less often.

This is how I did (am doing) it.

First, got indo to L30
Second, created erlidom just to have it, still L22
Third, indominus is now L27 and climbing.

I’d say for the versatility, stick with indoraptor for now.

Work on Erlidom, I finally unlocked mine last week and it’s awesome!

My cloak boosted Rampage crits for over 9100 and it’s only level 21, though damage boosted.

Also your team has rat on it so Erlidom hit and run attack can take advantage of SIA.

Indo is the weakest of the 3. With Boosts apparently being here to stay, a boosted Erlidom is a straight killer. Fast, ridiculous turn 1 damage and Immune. I know it is not the end all be all, but peruse the top teams, many don’t run Indo anymore. Very good Dino but you often end up with a cloak and pray situation. Many of the top tier dinos are bad matchups for it now.