Team help - trying to break 4000

So I’ve been hovering between 3800-3950 the past couple of days. As soon as I get close to breaking 4000 I get knocked back down…HARD!
Any tips on team changes?

Thinking about leveling my Allo. I was saving for Allosino, but any Sino DNA I get will go to Utahsino. I should have Gorgo up to 19 after today’s event. Thoughts?

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what do you have below Blue?

Just updated it.

I would definitely level allo but I’m biased :smirk:



personally, id have something else on my team than paramoloch. it dies easily and doesnt really do a whole lot of damage. if you miss a stun, it pretty much dies.

Have to agree with @Heather! But I am also biased, mine is level 25.5… Sitting comfortably at around 4,500!

I’ve been switching between that and my Pyrritator. I only put Para back in because it has a much higher HP. Pyr can be one shot at my level by some dinos without even getting a hit off. I was using Posti for a while because of the immunity, but the damage output wasn’t doing it for me. I might try Allo again. I have enough DNA to level him a bit if I can collect enough coins.

So when do you use it? Lead, middle, clean up? If I lead, they always have something with distracting and Allo becomes useless.

I’m struggling too. I have been to 4157, but then went on the worts RNG losing 18 in a row. No around 3850-400? I seem to get up to 1 4000+ incubator every couple of days if lucky.

Help would be appreciated. Especially as I am struggling with coins for levelling.

It’s hard using lvl 16 legendaries where you are since mirror matches will often be against 17+ giving them the speed advantage. Especially “speedsters” like the 2 on your team. At least one has a priority stun. (Great counter for SS) On top of not having a priority move, Pyrritator is at a tough speed lvl because 2 other popular dinos also have 129 speed. I have my lvl 18 pyrri benched bc of all the evil chickens running around.

I was thinking of getting rid of it for now but what to replace it with? Fast dinosaurs are just made of glass, at least legenderies have 2 power moves.

I am finding Stegoceratops being the weakest at the moment, I feel the stun just doesn’t work now. But what to put in its place?

You can try switching monomimus for pyritator. Both are fast sweepers with a speed of 129 I believe (I know that they both have same speed stats tho) but I think pyritator dishes out more damage while monomimus deals a decent amount of damage but also focuses on nullifying and avoiding attacks which your monostegotops kinda already covers. You can try experimenting and ultimately decide yourself. On a side note kinda off topic but I don’t understand how ppl get paramoloch so fast. I’m same level as u but no where close. Like 50/200 dna still cuz I gotta rely on the 8 hour incubators to get him. What’s ur strategy? Since u have a level 18 one already!!

honestly i’d just chill collecting coins. i think you have the best team you can make, so i’d spend your time collecting coins and level everything up and then go back in the arena.

I work in zone 4 so I can usually get 5-6 Parasaurolophos a day. And stygi from my incubators. The daily incubator gives me stygi, too.

I’ll probably still battle. I can’t stand having empty incubator slots. But I’ll probably wait to level anything else. Especially with a possible update coming soon.

I really hope a new update comes out. I need a boost. Also how do u all check what zones you are in? Never rly got that

Just look for the dinos that are around you. There are exceptions, but usually the commons are easy to identify. I work in 4 and live in 3.


I don’t like splitting resources. Monosteg and Monomin are both awesome but I’d rather one at a high level than two at a low level. That said if you didn’t have Monosteg you would have another position to fill :grimacing:.
I’d also run anything other than Para but I had brutal luck with it stunning so I’m not fan.

I’m going to have to stick with Monosteg for now. Unless they have another Galli event. I’m all out, and since it’s a Ruins exclusive, I can’t get any until I get there. Which won’t be ant time soon after today. Fell down to 3700 after a bout of bad luck rng.

i use monostego and monomimus. i think it’s worth it. monomimus takes priority, but monstego components are easier to come by. so if i’m out of galimimus, i level monostego. always keep a little monolopho in reserve in case i get unexpected gallimimus.