Team help - trying to break 4000

Average team member lvl of 19-20 that’s really all it takes

How do you get Monolophosaurus DNA though? I’ve literally seen more Indoraptor than Monolophosaurus in the wild.

I find them at a decent amount in their local. A lower rate than some others I hunt though for sure

I’d say temporarily put eina back in but don’t level it up (maybe replace para or trago; para: weaker, trago: at this level it tends to prolong matches without changing outcomes, most of the time anyway)

And I agree with @Heather & @Anthony_Papadopoulos, get that Allo in there!

special events. used most if not all attempts on them. and i live in their zone. 25 monomimus, 23 monostego with like 1800 monolopho left over. just waiting for gallimimus :unamused:

It’s hard to get into 4000 club without having your team at level 19 in average. I had a team at level 18.5 and only after I made Indoraptor I was able to break 4000
Before that I only come closer once (3975)
Good dinos that helped me get there are Utasino, Allosino, Pyrritator… after I made Monomimus it was easier. Stegodeus and IRex are staples for me
I see your team is a little bit over level 18 in average
I would say after leveling up 6-8 dinos from your team you will get there
I see that I think similarly like @Beast on this

Yeah definitely the only way can get around lvl 20 average is if your team is full of apex rank counters to the most prevalent meta choices but then maintaining 4k plus is insanely hard as you will be facing lvl 21-25 Dino’s at 4k+ trophies

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(I went with three emoticons as they change them a little after they are posted so one of them should convey my astonishment adiquitly ).

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Game is definitely a zoneist lol not all zones created fairly

Just drop rank I have been in ruins since last tourney (it’s where my team belongs ATM) got 22k gali from incubs and lvl 20 monomim over a few weeks wish I lived in monolophasaurus zone!!!

thinking about it. im like 5200 trophies. can’t even get a game :sleeping:
lockwood looks so cool though :heart:

Gallimimus is currently best arena DNA imo. Sure Lockwood would look a lot better with your monomim at lvl 30 in it!?

im not sure i have enough mono to get it too lvl 26.
plus lockwood lets you get erlikosaurus which i need to keep leveling erlidominus.

Well, this can help XD

I agree on this. And let us know if Allosauro helps you on the slow climb. I am 3.9xx average (keep bouncing in and off Ruins) and I desperately need a tank buster in my team to even think about stay in there

Ps Postimetrodonte was good for breaking shields but mine is still lev 15 so I benched her for Megalosuco due to counter attack… This week end I hopefully will be able to create Indoraptor. :wink: And I am puzzled on the next dino to bench as well…

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I’d consider keeping Gorgosuchus instead of Megalosuchus you should think hard on this before investing more DNA.

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Allo has been good once I was able to level it up to 20 and learn how to use it properly. It can take out a raptor of the same level. That was a nice surprise.

Yes as you see my megalosuco is still 0/100, even if I can make some fusions, cause I struggle invest dna (and coins) on her… Basically I am not convinced on something in particular, so that’s why I have a lot of dinos at lev 15-16 :sweat_smile:

That’s good to know! By the way, I am sending you some friendly battles but it seems that we are not able to find each other online in the same time :sweat_smile: I am still here for I think at least half an hour, and I cross the finger to have a friendly battle with you soon!

My opinion, switch out Paramoloch for Stegoceratops, at least until you’ve levelled it up more. In my experience, it’s a much more powerful and versatile stunner.

If I were you I would bench one of Tragod or Alanky for Indo. Tragod and Alanky are similar dinos with similar pluses and minuses. With the stun it carries I find Tragod a bit more useful but I also do not see many Indoms anymore and the ones I do see are often underleveled so aren’t that hard to take down. With its shields Alanky is more of a tank than Tragod. Regardless I think your team will be improved in most hands you are dealt by subbing one of those two and going a bit more attack heavy.

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Paramoloch for Pyrritator. You get more bulk and free swap.