Team help - who to add!

I don’t know who to bump. I’m working on tryo to replace postmetodon as a gd immune.

Then I’ve got monosteg nearly ready. Should he bump Gorgosuchus. I feel like I’m missing a counterattacker or a hit and run Dino.

What should I work towards Uploading: CC274F58-C926-45E4-8C42-49552AEF6F4C.png… Uploading: CC0C77E6-5D4B-4BF6-89CB-EF5C14ABB324.png… Uploading: 6E7E1FA6-748D-4A20-8C8A-B759C96433D0.png…

Not able to see the screens sorry, could you please reload them?

image image image


I recommend you level up that I-Rex to get Indoraptor (what i’m doing right now).

Also level up your Zones common dino.

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I’m in zone 2 so ur saying get Tarbosaurus or allosaurus up overlevwled to compete in my team

That’s wrong sorry. Since update im Dracorex. Hesitant to build up Incase nerf

This is a wisely choice. Keep grinding and get it asap. :+1:

Monostegotopo is a beast, good luck on fusing!

Living in L2 you should be able to level up your gorgo, but I see you have megalosauro lev 15 ready to fuse for megalosuco. In my opinion, if you want to climb the arena and you are not able to hunt so many megalosauri to create and level up megalosuco, you can definetively level up your gorgosuco.

Yes this update is more focused on SIA / hit&run, just remember it is not enough to create a dino, but level matters a lot. So if you want to go with a dino with that, just choose wisely what dino you can easily level up.

Good luck!

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