Team help


Need help, struggling in the fourth arena. Any tips? Thanks in advance


Surprisingly not really, actually, you’ve got a pretty solid line-up there especially considering your next-highest level dinos. Just keep working on them (and save Einiosaurus DNA for Einiasuchus)


That’s a pretty decent team. Though I say, Argentinosaurus is gonna start becoming your best friend soon. It has great bulk in its health, you can slow down opponents, and it has a high crit, which means Rampage will take care of most threats. I use mine as a starter, same with Nodopatasaurus, though said dino’s trickier to run.


As they said above, your team is actually looking pretty good. Poxinabox’s advice is great - stop leveling Einiosaaurus and use her DNA to level up Einiasuchus, you won’t regret it. I would recommend you switch that Dimetrodon for Triceratops. Triceratops is great and she saved my neck many, many times until I had to replace her for Stegoceratops, while Dimetrodon is just too weak, she dies fast despite her immunity and really not worth it. Good luck!