Team help?

Sorry if there is already a place to ask this, I’m new to the forum and looking for tips for pvp. I have been stuck at 4600 trophies since around update 2.0. This is my team, not sure what I should change

hey there! nice team you got. So according to me I say you need to upgrade your Dinos more and perhaps switch your prodracoserthosarus with the testacornibus. I also say to go ahead and focus on unlocking the Scorp G3 and phorurex and after that upgrades and upgrades. this is what I think :slight_smile: although I think I got the spelling of dracoceratosarus wrong but eh

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Nice team, I would possibly swap erlidom for erlikospyk.

As @MattCrad01 said, replace Erlidom with Spyx. Keep working on Spyx, rhino, and whatever possible


Replace Erlidom with Spyx, Dio for Testa and Draco for Indor or Magna

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Work on thorodolasuar if possible he can be a hard hitter on your team otherwise its good

A lot of different suggestions above, but one thing is for absolute certain, get Testa on your team. IDK what you personally want to replace, but i’d suggest probably erlidom. Max doesn’t perform quite as well anymore, so maybe look to get rid of that at some point along with a few others, but it depends on what you have dna for and how you have your boosts allocated. I can say that your team could definitely use some upgrading, but I think a lot of ours do right now, but I personally have way too many boosts on my creatures to swap them out now. I did swap mortem, with like 26 boosts on it, with a slightly boosted lvl 29 phoru because mortem’s effectiveness got seriously lessened, but Phoru is the bomb sauce right now.

Just try to level up your team and if possible swap out dracocerato for phourex when you unlock it.