Team Help!


Hello! I’m currently at 2059 trophys with this team. I feel like replacing Suchotator and Ouranosaurus but don’t know which dinos to swap them out with. Any input is much appreciated! Thank You!


My suggestion would be to swap Ouranosaurus for Allosaurus–I’ve had pretty decent luck with it despite the limited moveset. Perhaps others might have feedback regarding Suchotator and other potential team member swaps.

You’re in the “final stretch” of obtaining Stegodeus based on the level of your Nodopatosaurus and nearly in a position to start fusing for Indominus Rex…so I’d say you’re doing fairly well at this stage in the game, regardless.


Thank you for your suggestion! I tried Allosaurus in 3 battles and all three times he got defeated by Stegoceratops, Gorgosuchus and T-Rex. Should I not be using him as an opener? Thanks again for your feedback!


Replace suchotator with tany, get rid of amarga and use stegosaurus.


And try to replace postimetrodon with a gorgosuchus.


I know you just want to replace suchotator and ourano, but amargo dosen’t do enough damage to achieve anything the majority of the time and postimetrodon dosen’t do much damage. So I’m just saying these other changes you could do to help you a bit more. Believe me when I stopped using those two I climbed alot.


Thanks for your suggestions!

I haven’t been able to use Tany let in battle so I can’t comment on her useage.

I’m currently working on Gorgosuchus all I need is Kaprosuchus but I can’t go hunting at night, so it’s going to take a while!

As for replacing Amargo with Stego, should I stop dumping Stego DNA into Stegoceratops and focus on leveling Stego up some more?

Thanks again for your suggestions!


Just get stego to lvl 15 and then make a stegodeus.


Just get as much stego dna as you can and make stegocera dna whenever you can.


Sorry for my late reply, I was very busy with life.

Anyways about Tany is there a certain way I should be using her? I’ve tried her in about 6 battles and out of them she was only alive in 3. I’m currently using her as an opener if I don’t get Allosaurus or Amargo in my line-up, should I not be doing this? Also how should I be using her skills, I like her Nullifying skill but I feel like it’s pretty useless seeing as how most dinos I get matched with don’t have any sort of buff to nullify. Should I stop starting with Nullifying and instead start off with the Armor piercing skill?

I also got my Pryoraptor up to level 14 would he make a good replacement for Tany? Thanks again for your suggestions!


I have another advice :sweat_smile: I am at 35xx now and I have in my team both Tanicolagreo (18 and I will keep level her up) and Suchotator (17 and ready to go to lev 18 but now I will focus on legendaries so I am not waisting coins on her anymore, but she brought me to this place).

I think you have the best roster now with the dinos you have in this moment. Yes of course some dinos will be replaced as soon as you will create other stronger creatures, so catch every single Stegosauro you see cause creating Stegodeo will cost you a lot of that dna. And farm also Nodopatosauro’s dna, you need her at lev 15 for Stegodeo.

I am not seeing Einasuco in a good level, are you facing trouble farming her? She was a beast in my team, only replaced for legendaries, as already told for my Suchotator.

Back to battle, just keep in mind to open with Ouaranosauro if possible, or Postimetrodonte, cause the first will hopefully gain 3 hits in a row (superiority strike, greater stunning rampage and then repeat until you are about to die thus use impact and run) the second will work great against not so overlevelled Stegoceratopo or some tanks.
Velo and Tany are faster than almost all dinos, just not spam them at the beginning cause are the mid battle surprise that can make the difference, ending the half dead opponent and saving the best move for the new dino you will face (pounce 2x damage or nullifying dealing 1,5x damage but, if the opponent is a big armoured tank, go again with the basic move, practically try to find our what will give more damage) .

I end this post telling that you need to take time with the battles to have some feedback, cause there are a lot of factors that can overturn each battle (the 4 dinos RNG choose, stunnings, crits…), for example I use to see my new roster in 10-15 battle to know if I choose well my 8 dinos.

Hope this helps! Happy fighting!


Hello, sorry for my late reply!

I have tested Allosaurus in my lineup and he does wonders with or without crits, I have tested Tany again but still fail to utilize her Nullifying ability so she’s benched for time being.

I don’t have Stegodeus, obviously, but is he really good to prioritize more than other Legendaries I’m working on, Allosinosaurus, Monostegoceratops, Paramoloch, Indominus Rex? My Stego is also now level 12, Once he gets to level 13 I’ll try to see how we’ll he fares in battle.

As for Eniasuchus, she’s in the same boat as Tany I can’t seem to utilize her skills. I’ve leveled her to 10 mainly due to Sarcorixis. Farming her is going to be kinda hard as I can’t go hunting at night when Eniasaurus spawns so it’ll come down to Eniasaurus spawning near me. Is Eniasuchus really that good to keep leveling up? I haven’t faught much in battle and the few times I did my T-Rex destroyed it.

Thanks for your feedback! Every little bit helps. :slight_smile:


Yes indeed keep using the dinos you fit well with. Just for an example, see these are in this moments the best 4 players and they don’t have the same team, so each person will make his own strategy:

As you see, stegodeo is in every team, so of course prioritize this. And also Indominus Rex to climb the arena and preparing the dna to be fused to indoraptor. Monostegotopo is a bit far now seen that your Monolofosauro is lev 12, but also this dino is used in the upper tier arena.

Happy fighting!