Team Improvement Suggestions

So I’m currently level 13 and stuck Yoyo’ing between Lockdown and Sorna Marshes, can’t win in Sorna and very good record in Lockdown. So I’d like some suggestions to improve my setup please, things like, quick lineup changes with dinos I already have, get Epics I don’t have that can improve my lineup so I can work on them, Epics I do have that I need to strengthen more… etc

Will appreciate all the input I can get!

Upgrade bronto to some more and put erlikogamma on your team for entlo. Or go for entlo’s hybrid which is decent. Also focus on making legendaries, they will help you a lot, get some easy legendaries such as dracoceratops, indominous rex, and once again the entloceros. And if you want some epic hybrids go for purutusaurus since it’s a good wildcard.


That’s an awesome team! I think use gamma over Brontolasmus for now. If you want to use a resilient, level up brachiosaurus and use that

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Erlikogamma should be on your team I think. Does great for me!
I also would recommend swapping in your Ankylodicurous. Replace Brontolasmus?

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Did some upgrades on Brontoasmus (needed him vs flocks) and added Angentreyx, seems so OP and been doing much much better now