Team in 2 months and F2P


Well, in case someone who starts asks what team can be obtained in 2 months without paying… more or less something like that. :smile:


Nice team.

Started playing july 23 and I’m F2P. Had luck to collect lots of treasures in treasure week.
This is my team


Omg! Yours is much better!! What I’m doing wrong?!? May be because of my sons… :rofl:


I make daily bike trips for events, especially when there were 4 or 5 commons in 2 days. Biking won’t be possible in winter. I’m also walking/biking through other local zones few times a week. I’m in L3.
It’s just about how much time you have to play and luck.


We started playing with my son on 15 August but now we have less time… :+1:t2:



Here’s my team since I started playing F2P only!
I flatly refuse to use the I-Rex or common velociraptor out of principle.
I-Rex is so for noobs!


I skipped most of Lythronaxes before. :grin:
Don’t see any Pyros, that’s why I’m still without Pyrritator.
I-Rex is double edged sword. Can win or lose a battle.


Yeah it never seems like a favourable factor in competitive battling to rely so heavily on RNG for an outcome tbh.

People think I’m mad for using Lythronax, but then they’re the my most common common-spawns in my area. They’re very bulky, can switch in for a surprise kill or can remain long enough to bite the faces off many dinos, and besides they’re like a cute and fluffy T-Rex. I’m so proud of my Lythy it’s killed legendaries and uniques.

I only have Pyrritator in my team because I’m just trialling it, I actually prefer Pyroraptor especially since it’s got a wounding move and makes things bleed (then switch Lythy in to munch their faces off. Nom nom nom!).


Heres mine. Been playing since the game got released (on Iphone). Not really freaking on it, not buying incubators. Getting lots of incubators cuz of strike events. Here are the hybrids i’m working on: (plz ludia i need more velociraptors plz)