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Team Issues

Lately I’ve been struggling in the Battle Arena. I’ve dropped 200 points in the past day, and I’ve lost both the epic Strike events. I understand that part of this might be due to the tournament, plus I’m in a difficult spot with few legendaries, but I’ve attached pictures of my team if anyone wants to offer their advice. Thanks

I use Dimetrodon, Amargacephalus, Nodopatosaurus, Pyroraptor, Stegoceratops, Tarbosaurus, and I reacently replaced parasaurolophus with Tyrannosaurus Rex. Levels in order ar 14, 15, 14, 14, 15, 16,and 14

Not everyone will agree with me here but personally I would level that allosaurus, mine is still on my team at 4500+ trophies.

Is it worth the coins since I’m so close to Allosino?

Depends on how often you think you’re gonna see sinoceratops really because you have f started fusing. I never see it so I gave up and levelled my allo to 22 :sweat_smile:

I see them fairly often, around 1 a week, but I’m hoping for an armor event soon

You really should put your gorgo to use… they are pure beasts when used right.


im starting to think gorgo might be the move at least until i can unlock trykosaurus. everything has armor and shields. didn’t realize i was sitting on 15,000 kaprosuchus and 15,000 gorgosaurus, with gorgosuchus already at 15. we’ll see how high i can get it.

Hmm…Maybe considering switching allosaurus to rajasaurus or gorgosuchus since you already got T-rex at same level. Stegod and Trago are great. Suchotator and Stegocero can be levelled up if you cannot get other good legendaries to replace them. I still use suchotator above 4500 cups at level 20 and it’s a good Rajanky and indoraptor counter, just play him right.

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Definitely a big decision. You could use that Kap DNA for Spinotasuchus or Megalosuchus too.
I went with Megalo as Spinosaurus wasn’t in L4 but now it is and I’ve got plenty of DNA plus the Spino legendary wasn’t as good as it is now when I made the choice I’d love one on my team but it’s too much Kap DNA for me. Megalo is only starting to get good now that he’s in his late teens (matures a bit) it was hard to give up on gorgeousaurus because he’s a great Dino too.

my megalosuchus is lvl 21. i currently use it. i never see megalosaurus though so all that DNA is us just sitting there.

Ha, I’ve got a sh!t tonne but no Gorge (due to no Kap) shame we can’t trade.
Are you happy with the choice or would you rather hung with Gorgeousaurus?

Trading dna would make this game so much better from a player perspective… im sitting on close to 2k dna but my gorgo is only halfway to 15… got tons of kapra dna as well its gorgosaurus that evades me…
Even if they went the clash royale route and made trade tokens that you had to buy in store…id pay hard cash to trade…