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Team lineup help


Any recommendations? Thanks! I’ll have to attach bench in a reply



Im bad at team comps. Bump for you though.


Id suggest switch posti for seco… posti is a better immune even one level under…

Secondly id swap bary for either sino or orano… as far as stand alone epics go bary isnt very good. Based on your team id prolly go orano for its swap though sino is quite nice as well. An argument could be made for stygi but id go with the higher level of sino or orano.

Lastly some might say to drop spino gen 2… but id say keep the bleeder. Work on getting suchatator up to take his spot as he is more versatile and great for strikes.


Drop Bary for Stego or Kentro. You need more tanks.
Decide between Gorgo, Secodonto and Posti, which two has more survival chances and best damage output. Maybe change one to Koola as is always good to have nullifyer.

During battles look for your week spots and make changes to eliminate them. I see your worst team of 4 is Blue, Gorgo, Bary and Secodonto as they are all glass cannons. If RNG blesses you few times with this squad and/or Spino instead of one of those 4, you are going on a losing streak.


Thanks everyone. I was able to upgrade Suchotator to lvl 13, so inserted him. Going to try this.