Team Ludia you gotta work on this!

Whenever I open the game after 7-10 mins of playing I somehow get kicked out off the game and all I see is my home screen. This is happening for a long time, many times I lost my rewards. This thing happens even when I’m in the middle of a PVP for the league prizes or any battle.
Today itself when I unlocked my Boss dino Omega 09 and was placing it in the park, the game kicked me out. When I logged in in the game again, I lost my Boss, it’s nowhere in the game. And when I’m opening my missions menu all I get to see is this.

After so many days, completing my Boss Dino Missions I finally got to unlock the boss and now this thing happened.
Now how will I get my boss back?

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Here’s a couple of places to look:

Your Market and the Asset Repository

Another option would be to look and see if it appears in the glossary.

If those options all fail, contact Support


Any luck on this end?

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Yeah Thank you Jurassic World Help & support, I got my Omega 09 back. :v:t6::+1:t6::slightly_smiling_face: