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Team Made of Daily Dino's

As a way to drop a good 300 trophy’s and still get take downs for my DBI, I’m changing my team to have all the best daily dino’s. There is only 7 days so I had to pick two from one day.

I’m working to unlock Stygidaryx so I need to stay in Sorna Marshes for the 33% chance of Stygimolech Gen 2 in 3hr incubators. I’m right at the Sorna/Ruins line. Changing my team to something not quite so good will still make me a challenge and be good enough to get some take downs… maybe even a possible win. At least I’ll try. I may switch these guys for other daily’s I have but will keep my team all daily creatures.

Sunday - Entelodon
Monday - Smilodon
Tuesday - Procerathamimus
Wednesday - Maiasaura
Thursday - Marsupial Lion & Purutaurus
Friday - Edmontoguanodon
Saturday - Indominus Rex Gen 2

These are the daily dino’s.


I actually won my first battle with these and then lost to the same player twice. Then I beat that over leveled, over boosted AI by shear luck of my indo’s cloak working.

Entelodon is kind of a novelty.

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