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Team needed for mortem

I have either a tryko or a thylo to use during the mortem raid. Both level 27. Is there a team of people who are willing to help me complete the raid. Cheers and thank you

That’s my name and number :wink:

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I don’t recommend to use Thyla, the boss is resistant to DoT and rend so yeah it’s not worth

Tryko could work, I’ve already beat the boss with this team : Tenrex, Tryko, Dilo and Erlidom

Erlidom must be enough fast to speed up Velo to one shot it easily, also on 1st turn you must use FI on Tryko it’d break the shield and remove taunt effect on Majunga

And Dilo and Tenrex could heal and distract which is very helpful

I definitely recommend to use this team

Also about your Tryko I’d say it’s perfect, many boosts on HP and a few on attack it’s all it needed

It should be good with this deck

Good luck

Only 80% resistant, so the rend will still do damage and so will the bleed and it will clear when it does the tail whip so could evasive stance the first go to make sure it doesn’t cleanse the bleed

Yeah but it’s not that many dmg it’s definitely more worth to using high level creatures

Your Tryko is perfect to tank and get out fast the Majunga minion also it’d deal good damage on M.Rex with his DSR and RI

Also Thyla has DP not evasive stance, I don’t know if this move give a dodge chance to the whole team

Yeah I’ve checked the deliberate prowl move and it doesn’t give the dodge effect to the whole team unlike ES

2 healers,2 distracters and A Thor or Ardento to win.