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Team New Setup


Nothing wrong with the team it is exactly the same team i have exept i got mostly level 20s


I’m having troubles here too… Let’s tell it like it is, it’s not all of the RNG in battles… the main problem is called Evasive Stace… This move… I can’t think of enough insults for this move… it is RIDICULOUS, PATHETIC, ABSURD, PETTY! I will repeat that in every topic I can…

I swear I wouldn’t mind as much if my opponent beat me by overcoming my moves, my tactics… even an occasional luck with a crit… but when I do everything right. predict my opponent’s every move, get the upper hand with a 2-0 dinos… Then comes an Indoraptor, starts dodging EVERYTHING and takes the win… That’s just beyond stupidity…

A SARCASTIC OVATION for whoever came up with this move, Ludia!


Unless you are planning to play for years and are happy to have less trophies than you possibly could in the mean time, I’d say pick the best one and level it. Better one of them at level 24 than both at level 20. There’s plenty of other good dinos that won’t take your precious Sino (for example) DNA.


This is what happens to me since I got her!!!

I had so, so many battles now with her and she failed 95% of these to evade even one hit (yes, I wrote it down and looked after the chances) while always when my opponent uses evade it‘s always working for at least one or two times.

Yes I am rage quitting in these moments. In friendly battles I also had this. No succesful evade and opponent hits through it. Had my alliance members laugh.


Yes I do agree with those wishing crap like evade or dodge would be removed…never works for me. You can take bets and I won‘t fail you.
Even had my friends watching me during battles and they agreed that I do have very much misfortune.


Yep. I-Rex is pretty useless around L20 because most other players have good strategies counters against it. You can rely upon RNG in the early game but not later on.



Again a match I would‘ve won but Stegoceratops with 5% chance crits and leaves me raging…


Nope I don‘t believe in ‚bad phase‘…I‘m suffering since 1.5 that heavy!


In my area region almost everyone uses one…that‘s often then when I don‘t have Monostego or Tyrannolopho in my battle team (of course only bad luck yeah).
And these are also more dodging than mine could ever dream of.


Maybe I really should kick Indom out and try lvlng Monomimus…


so gamble even more? :smiley: monomimus is good but relies on RNG even more


I‘m looking for fast nullifiers. I can‘t lvl Utasino up, I wanna go for Thor and Sino is so rare to me.
But I did forget that brutal hp nerf on Monomimus so…


Good idea. For me the only problem is that there is no really good and fast nullifying dino. (monomimus is still really good and fast but if dodges won’t work it is dead in two hits; tany has to be overlevelled and it is so expensive for me) Monostego is good but I don’t think of it as a threat (would just level up my stegocera even more)


And again. Opponent‘s lvl 20 Paramoloch stuns three times, even crits one time, then his Pyrri hit again through my Iraptors cloak (guess what I did see that coming) and my Tryo didn‘t crit one time while his Indom dodged and crit.


I find that monomimus is still a good compromise between running the Indos. The good thing is with it’s distracting impact and nullifying impacts and speed, it can reduce a significant amount of HP from an opponent so when it does fall the next dino can easily go in for the revenge kill. Or you can press the luck button ‘evasive stance’ and do it all over again more often than not. It’s still just as broken as before just with a little less HP, however played wisely it’s an essential counter to Indos (and really messes with heads lol). It also works well as a revenge killer. With all this said it is best never to rely upon it, either use it to scout out an enemy team on the first turn, or bring it in second, or keep it to counter, never use it as your last dino if possible.


Been there GermanRaptor… it’s frustrating… I had terrible problems with I-Rex before

But try not to rely so much on Evasive… that’s what I did… But I know it’s easier said than done. When it’s Indo vs Indo it’s almost impossible not using that stupid move.


I-Rex is still very good if you don’t use it as a Nobbasaur like many players do and go for the Cloak every time.


That sounds like a bad streak! Though imho you really need to power Indo up to like lvl 23 to see how much of a beast that thing really is! Also I would advise including at least 1 pinner(hint gigaspika is better than stegod now!) and also include 1 more nullifier to ensure u always, or mostly get 1 at least to deal with the rng bros(evaders,cloakers). Higher you go you will face 1 or more every match


Finally, finally I made it to 4k. Won‘t last long, I guess, but still.
DracoGen2 helped me a lot, especially in moments of surprise when my opponent already saw himself winning.


And my actual team. I will upgrade my Allosino and later I will try to lvl up Tryostronix (Bary is still rare for me), Monostegotops and Dilorano. I really like her, no one uses her and she helped me through a lot of tough battles.


Oh and I replaced Indom with Tyrannolopho. Wanna upgrade her too, she‘s a strong beast and good counter against Stegodeus and Indom (both are slower).