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Why in fs name won‘t my frakking Indoraptor dodge??? Why am I always, always losing those dodging duels once it decides over win or lose? Like holy why me!!!

I‘m not joking, 8 battles again with her and every I stood against Irex or another Iraptor. If it would‘ve been evading one of these, I would‘ve won. But noooooo…

It just reallys fs me up seeing opponent‘s Iraptor always dodge but not mine…yes I reduced using its evasive stance on a minimum but sometimes it‘d be my only way to win. But nope…


Oh and I keep battling players having way more trophies than me…


Really is that this mighty beast everyones afraid of? Or only a very loud chick beeing slaughtered easily?


I can see that happening to me when I have mine… It happened with I-Rex, so I usually try to avoid using Cloak…

Yesterday a Indoraptor made me rage… Again I had everything under control, then comes that freaking thing and dodges me SIX times… really man, this random move is the worst thing involving battles in this game.


Finally had Dracorex and Indoraptor in my draw. Saved me.
Stilll hate RNG tho.


You have time when Indo won’t dodge anything, but really don’t rely on it’s evasive. I mostly use evasive countering Instant charge, but if stun lands you give opponent free turn.

Benched Indominus and put lvl 22 Gorgo in as it’s a beast when you revenge kill first dino, second is mostly oneshoted.

For countering Indominus shielders are great when you don’t have nullifyers. I’m using Stegodeus and Trago.

Also, if you lose 4 matches in a row cause of bad luck, stop playing for a while. I’m also canceling opponent search if it takes more than 30 seconds.


Screw this. Losing streak hit me since 1.5, I‘m not moving further and I‘m back in frakking ruins.

Fine, than I‘ll drop if that‘s what it takes me to get these damn incubators.


Goddammit, everyone seems to have a lvl 23 Iraptor now. And of course, RNG also needs to slap in my face and trample upon my body.


Level up Spinotasuchus and Utahsino. I found Utahsino very useful and versatile.

I would drop Dracogen2 and Dilorano. At this lvl I’m not sure that Dracog2 gives you many wins.


Oh, and did I mention that in 9 battles I lost I didn‘t have my Dracorex in my draw and only once I got Iraptor that were screwed due to a crit?


Yeah, with events many got their Indo leveled up. Mine is at lvl 24. Could level it up more, as I have 28.000+ Velo DNA, but I’m currently leveling my Trex to lvl 20.


The DNA isn‘t the problem, these coins are the problem. Not getting enough to lvl them up.

Oh, and the prob with Utasino: Sino went extinct since 1.5 for me…


U know I often get the advice to try later if I lose four or five battles in a row.
But doesn‘t matter, my losing streak keeps going. And this really frustrates me.

So, still no real cash for you Ludia.


Yep, same her with Sino, so I took all shots on events on it.

Try to spin as many stops as you can. Completing strike events and do Tapjoy offers.
I got lots of cash with Tapjoy offers. Couldn’t complete only one big offer. I’m using facebook login in games from offers, cause I see you get reward fast after achieving goal.


Try to observe what matchups are worst for you. If chompers are a problem, improve dinos that can counter them. If fast dinos are problem, improve tanks, etc.
Based on your team I think your problem is lack of bleeder, cause you can force opponent to swap out tanks. Also you can prepare opponent dinos for Dracog2 final blow.

Currently I have problem countering Thor, as it seems everybody in Lockwood and Aviary already have one. With it crits, Instant Charge and blows through Evasive can be deadly. Had Indominus for countering chompers, but that was all it did and even then cloak failed many times.


It is the last weekend of the tournament. I am running into lots of teams that simply are too strong for me to beat. I will eventually fall below them and get my incubator, it just takes losing a bunch of battles.

When things settle back down we will climb again.


I‘m just getting sick of this frakking crap. I feel like Ludia‘s pushing me of.

First that tournament crap. Then I keep facing so many high lvl players having way more trophies than me and I also had to battle high lvl uniques like lvl 26 Utarinex and even a Tryko.

Then players show and share how many epics they find and how lucky they are with fusing.
I haven‘t seen a single epic since days, I haven‘t seen Sino or Anky or Ourano in the wild since 1.5 while I saw many epics per day and even some Sinos per week before 1.5.

I‘m playing so many hours and I‘m also driving around with bus or tram or car and sometimes I‘m walking some kilometers without seeing one.
My area‘s empty, nothing useful, my battles are trash since 1.5 and so is RNG.

I‘m facing high lvl players I don‘t have a chance against, RNG kicks me straight in the face and while everyone seems to find epics my map is empty.

I can‘t lvl up my team due to missing epic DNA, I don‘t move further in the arena and even getting these incubators is a pain in the a and I‘m on my way back to the ruins.

It‘s just not fun anymore, only praying I‘d battle someone at my lvl but nooo…

Reall feel like Ludia doesn‘t want me in the game even tho I paid many bucks for it.

Well. I don‘t know what to change in my team anymore. Tried to reduce RNG like evasive but once my opponent shows up with Indo I know it‘s over.

Just needed to share. I don‘t enjoy anymore.


Yeah, it’s hard… A couple of weeks ago a got kicked all the way down to 3700… The truth is, we must not care too much about this game or we’ll go crazy. As soon as you feel a losing streak starting (three or four losses in a row), just STOP playing it! Go do something else… That’s what I’ve learned to do recently, even if it means not having an incubator activated…

Ludia gives us mission, strike towers and events to try to make us play more, but their game gets worse and worse in what really makes us want to play it: fun battles and hunting DNA.


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So. Tried to get my incubators now. Again, losing streak. 13/15 battles lost.

Feeling great, giving up, back in ruins. That‘s it. Full rage mode now.

Doesn‘t matter whether I stop after few battles and try later or not. I keep praying and I keep raging.

Well, guess my opponents got their chance to laugh at me. Three times my 75% stuns didn‘t work, four times Spinotahsuchus didn‘t crit and guess what my Iraptor didn‘t cloak.