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Team New Setup


Though I gave you that advice, I don’t follow it all the time… Yesterday I had a losing streak, but I made the same mistake and kept playing… Ruins again, 3800, with same old RNG problem. My Cloak never working. Opponent’s Cloak and Evasive S. always working. Started to rage, so I got my Monomimus from the bench (which I consider weak… it’s still level 18) and leveled up my Tany (and could only get him to 19)… with my Suchotator, that’s three nullifiers… And stopped using I-Rex Cloak unless it was certain death otherwise… And it worked! Got back to 4100. Even with Tany and Mono dying easily, they could at least do the job of nullifying those damn Indos! So now my advice to you is: try to rely as little as possible on RNG and focus on nullifyng your opponent.


And that’s another proof of how Ruins and Lockwood are defined by Indoraptors… That’s so boring and stupid…


I’m in the same trophy count as you, and I think it’s an indominus dominated area. All the matches are great, with lots of strategy, but it always ends the same way, with indominus. If it cloaks they won, if not I do.


Sooo…after making these strike towers and using my 1,5k $ for coins I lvled up Tarbo from 18-20 and also Tryo up to lvl 20 and Tyrannolopho up to 19.
I had bad luck with Thor fuses as expected, but I hope getting to more dinos lvled up will make my battles a bit better.
Also decided to take Utasino in instead of Dilorano, but unfortunately she‘s only lvl 17 and since I haven‘t seen wild Sinos in the wild since 1.5 I‘ll use everything of it for Thor first.


I suggest adding faster/better teeth, like Gorgo replacing Indom. Gorgo can also cleanse any bleeds. Him and Tryo are great revenge killers.


For gods sake how long will my losing streak be? Ugh I freaking hate this…left Lockwood and can‘t leave ruins anymore.

Just beautiful, when my Utasino doesn‘t crit in five battles in a row, when her stuns don‘t work in two battles of four, when my raptor doesn‘t dodge, when opponents Monomimus dodge and crit like hundred times…

So tired of it. Feels like lvlng my dinos is useless.
Glad I record everything. As I said, even my friends can‘t believe my ‚misfortune‘…

I‘m just hearing the song Shout from Tears for Fears to calm down…I‘m just shortly before rage mode.


I know it’s only words, but you’ll be just fine. The RNG will be back for you, and leave others. Try opening with Tryo and see how that works out. If your opponent is faster or has a nullifying move, start with FS. If you’re faster and the opponent does not have nullify, start with RTC.


I see you really decided to go down a few trophies. Don’t blame ya :laughing:

I just had three battles in a row where my Utasino didn’t stun in the decisive moment of the battle. THREE TIMES IN A ROW I lost for the same reason… because three Instant Charges, a 75% chance stun move, didn’t work! Impossible not to rage. RNG is completely broken in this game.


Ugh, I‘m just so tired of it. I‘m trying since today in the morning to get my four incubators.

The arena is full of high lvl Indoraptors dodging atleast 4 attacks, lvl 18-20 Dracorex and tons of Irexes.
I hate it. I really just hate it.

I hate seeing my Allosino‘s stun not work three times in a row. Also hate my Indom failing to dodge while opponent‘s Iraptor dodges four times and gets three crits.

Yes, these are moments I put my smartphone aside and don‘t continue.

It really is fact that whenever my opponent gets two lucky RNG things I know I‘m screwed.

Well I don‘t know what to do. And really lost my joy in the last weeks, now I‘m reaching again the point of giving up.


RNG and lucky crits can be a b# sometimes :smiley: back-to-back matches: 1., tragod got 3 crits in a row against me (5% crit chance) and than swap-in draco gen2 also got a crit (5%) - 4 crits in a row :smiley:
2., mono dodged 4 times out of 5 :smiley: and murdered me
So after two battles I felt that the game is trying to say something to me like stop and never come back :smiley: (these times I just put my phone/tablet down and think about nice things in life like cute puppies)


Try switching up your team. Is there one Dino you never use if it gets picked for your four? Do you have one or two Dino that always seems to fail you? Replace them with something else and give that a try.

Or take everyone off and rebuild a completely different team and go from there. Make a drastic change and see what happens. Then, slowly replace them one by one until you find a combination that works for you.

I have put together teams of strong Dino that just didn’t work well together for me and my style. I found by replacing one here and there I can find a better combination to work with.

And if I go on a seemingly endless loosing streak, I put in 8 Dino’s that are just fun to use that no one ever uses and just plan on having fun losing some battles. Then, switch back to a stronger team and go for an incubator or two.

So mix it up a bit!


Tried again. Five battles lost. I would‘ve four of these on strategic ways but lost them because opponent pulled out Iraptor or Irex at last and dodged every time.

Guess what…my Iraptor didn‘t dodge. Of course not. Opponent‘s Iraptor always (!!, no kidding) dodge atleast two times, mostly three to four while mine takes every hit.

And these damn crits. not even with tryostronix after RTC.

I tried reorganizing my team, f.e. I took more nullifyers in like Monomimus, but whenever I used them my opponent got lucky crits or suddenly shows up with high lvl Monomimus I haven‘t seen many battles before.

It‘s like something blocks me from doing fair battles.


I would change Allosino for Spinotsuchus. Bleeding force tanks runing. Also change Indominus for Alankylo. It’s great to block Indominus cloaked Rampage.

I put out Indominus and now I have less bouncing streaks up and down. Had one yesterday when I tried Megalosuchus. At lvl 19 still doesn’t work as expected. My Trago at lvl 20 has too low health to battle with Indoraptor. So I’m giving a chance to Tuora.

Arena is mostly RNG luck and mind play. You just can’t rely on same plays on long run. Tactics need to be adjusted regularly.

Have a feeling, that you (@GermanRaptor) clean all your incubators and then fight to get four at once. Don’t do this, cause you are more likely to get on freefall ride. I’m always filling empty slot as soon as I can. It’s enough gamble to get two, when it’s 15 minutes incubator time. Found out that It’s harder to win matches when you need to fill 10 dino kills for free incubator.

I’m regularly facing lvl 25+ Stegodeus, lvl 21-24 Spinotasuchus or lvl 25+ commons (Tany, Allo…).

My highest is lvl 24 Indoraptor. Gorgosuchus, Stegodeus and Tryo are lvl 22, Monostego & Tuora(currently in squad) lvl 21, Spinotasuchus lvl 20 and Utahsino lvl 19. Two hours after tournament end I was over 4700 trophies, then slowly went back close to 4500 and yesterday under 4300.


Adding Tany to my team was the best thing I’ve done recently, even though it’s level isn’t high (it’s 20 now). Should have heard the advices and done that sooner. The reason I didn’t is because I don’t see many Tanys in the wild so I though it would be difficult to level it up. But the people in my Alliance are incredibly generous with Tany DNA. More than 1k in every request.


your team seems fine however if you want to change something remove indominus or tryos and play megalo or a third tank


Frakking hate these damn raptors. Had 1 vs 1 duel raptor against raptor.
Opponent‘s one dodged five damn times. Mine failed even critted but other raptor dodged…


Yes, yes of course my Monostegotops‘ stun doesn‘t land so that my opponent gets a lucky Iraptor win for a battle I would‘ve won without RNG.

Oh, and fifth lost battle in a row. :ok_hand: