Team of failure


Here is my team and the next top lot of contenders!
I don’t have a great success rate and as I jump between badlands and lockdown in trophies it takes me around twelve games to fill incubator slots unless it’s the 15 watch option…
What are your teams and success rates?


This is definetively the case of putting the birds in your team, seen that they are at the same level of your team dinos.

Of course, grind nodopatosauro and stegosauro to create stegodeo. Then, try to keep just one max two raptors on your team (I would keep v-raptor and pyroraptor).

What kind of dinos are you facing on your battle? The best strategy is to have in your roster the right dinos to counter the opponents.


Most of the time it must come down to people who have less knowledge then me as I win a lot with wound but yet know to cleanse, but a lot of the tine my creatures are just out leveled as my high is 15 and I regularly come across level 18 Dino’s of the same type


And yes I am trying hard to grind to stegod and I am also getting close to monometrodon as I get a lot of the required Dino’s running around


Change pyri and utah for alanqa and shuco. Why you lvled them all. You will get hard coin next to lvled dino lvl 15 above.


I wasted a lot of coin on my first journey into this world, I have now learned of the value of gold and am being careful!
But I fear I wasted alot


Here my team, i m fine at lockdown by now. 2994 trophy.


For common i only lvled them to lvl 5 if they need for fusion i will stop at lvl for material. And save some coin for lvled up end game dino or your apex or alpha dino for arena.


Does this look better, I have enough coin to lvl such I if needed!
I wish my gorgosuchus was higher like yours but don’t get enough kapros around here :frowning:


Your’s not gorgho, but postimetrodon. I has but lvl 11 and i live in L3 which mean never find dimetrodon in my hometown. It diference dino gorgho material gorghosaurus and kaproshucus. And posti material dimetrodon and postoshucus.
If you want get gorgho. Material is day global spawn for gorgho and night global spawn for kapro.


Yeah, I noticed my mistake and edited it sorry.
Just didn’t do it fast enough.
But yeah I still dont get enough dimetrodons for the other one either


Collect that dimetrodon you need a lot, it one material for unique dino that means you will need it. Add me and let do batlle sometime. :blush::blush:
Janx #4527


This is my current team. I’ve only just entered Lockdown as I generally don’t do much battling.

I have more fun darting dinos and working my way towards legendary hybrids than I have fighting in the arena to be honest. :joy:


I just get enough with tricera gen 2 and iguanodon. With batlle i can get other dino dna. Haha
You know what i mean
Heaven L3 :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Zone 3 here brother


Then we are brother by zone 3 :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I’m Zone 4, so a lot of Suchomimus and Allosaurus for me with a side of Parasaurolophus. :joy:


Best advise I can give you is, have a look to the legendary Dino, choose 8 of them, of course Indominus Rex and Indoraptor must be in your team! Don’t pay attention to the tournament or battles, you just need to fill your slots and focus on hybrids materials, upgrade your hybrids materials, exemples Raptor can go to level 20, Nodopatosaure 15, Ankilosaure 15… if you don’t have those legendary, use your materials to fight till you get them! That’s what I’ve done :white_check_mark:!!!
This is my team, I got right now 5000 :trophy:!


This was my first team


You got a good starter bro with that ourano. So jealous lol