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Team options/suggestions

I seem to have hit a wall in the arena lately. I know boosts have wrecked havoc on the balancing but hopefully that will change soon. Until then maybe y’all would be willing to give me suggestions on team combinations or ones to boost. Trying to find a combo that meshes and works consistently well.

My current dinos rotating on my team are:
Stars next to current team.
Lvl 25 erlidom 5/5/5*
Lvl 25 indo 5/5/5*
Lvl 25 Thor 5/6/6*
Lvl 24 tryko 5/5/5*
Lvl 24 dior 5/5/5*
Lvl 24 dilo 6/5/4
Lvl 23 teno 5/5/5 *
Lvl 23 utarinex 5/5/5
Lvl 23 ardentmax 5/5/1*
Lvl 23 tuor 4/5/3
Lvl 23 dracocera 3/2/1
Lvl 22 magna 5/5/5*
Lvl 21 erlikospyx 3/4/5

Thank you kindly

I would say team of 8 should be:
Focusing on boosting speed for erlido. Hp for Maxima. Attack for tenont and tryko. And Hp for Dio and tryko with whatever you have remaining. Rinex or Indo will probably need additional speed as well. But see which one you wanna keep. Or which one you want to replace later with magna or spyx


Your top 6 and 2 out of last 3 (draco and erlispy) is my team. Dropped rinex for erlispy. Only have like 10 dinos boosted so most of mine are tier 6 across the board except for a few. My levels are 23 to 26 (2 of each lvl). I’m at my wall too but it’s where I belong for now. I’m high aviary and don’t belong any higher. I may sniff library again if I’m lucky but I know im where I belong for now.

Where are you at? With those levels I would guess low aviary to high estate but could sneak up with the right matchups after things level out.

I was 5100 when the season started. I was 4600 2 weeks later. I now bounce from 4750 to 4950. As long as I get my dbi in less than 8 to 10 battles I’m good.

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Careful with tenont and rinex. With this new immunity meta we seem to be entering I found those not as good as I would like. I’m not saying they arent good, but I kept running into matchups where they couldnt hold their own. Other than that it appears most of your team is good just maybe more boosts. It’s almost tier 6 at a min now higher up

Currently sitting at 4525 trophies, tend to make it to 4600, then drop to 4500. Speed has seemed to be my biggest issue lately. Be getting screwed over by teams with tier 6-7 boosts on speed across nearly entire team. I just recently took utarinex off the team. I like the heavy damage from teno but the recent update to selective immunities has caused issues.