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Team Plan for 1.9

So with the new hybrids being released, a lot of them do look really good (Indo gen 2 and Smilonemys being the most busted out of them) I decided to look at my team and plan on what to use. Tryko, Thor, Erlidom, and Magna are staying, while Procera, Erlikospyx, Monostego, and Grypo are now called into question.

Here are my reasonings.

Grypolyth: as much as i really dont wanna sack this thing, the new smilonemys just looks so freaking busted, and i feel like itll be not only better than this, but also tyrant straight away. Still gonna level it up in case it makes a resurgence, and it’s staying on my team until i get smilonemys unlocked. Smilonemys just looks like the perfect rat counter, as it has precise pounce and the damage to one shot it, swap in stun to stop it from rampaging, absurdly high armor, and decently fast, not to mention it’s shield basic strike will make it have 100% damage reduction if nothing is used to bypass it.

Erlikospyx: this is the most controversial one. Strong in it’s own right, it is in contension with Thylacosaurus (the marsupial + suchotator hybrid). While spyx does have debilitating distraction, Thyla has access to speed control, as well as both lethal wound AND rending takedown; which 2 shots anything lacking immune. As well as being far easier to make, Spyx’s value for me is in question

Procera: easily tyrant now, but what’s making me consider dropping it is the fact that it still has hybrid potential. Indoraptor gen 2 can bypass cloak, buff up to hell and back with it’s basic move and the new move indom gen 2 has (forgot the name), this thing can go to town, and definitely looks really powerful, likely a high apex or maybe even a tyrant if it proves strong enough.

Monostego: planned from the get go to replace with Gemini once i unlock it (190/250). That and gemi, despite receiving a slight damage and hp nerf, gained immunity and 2 points of speed, thus MASSIVELY buffing it overall

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Who the hell care if procera have a hybrid???you will win tournament rewards over top 5500 for the next two months and the next epic tournaments !!!

Not to mention Indoraptor gen 2 could probably maul Procera if it uses Cautious Strike first turn (which does give it 10% speed), and then definite rampage next turn

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don’t forget it require blue,which is event only,you won’t see an high lvl one before loooong time

Meh, we have sanctuaries. Not as bad

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yes but nobody have lvl up blue since the beginning.
Mine is lvl 25 because i love playing blue herself but nobody have upgrade her

Nice topic.
I’m going minimal changes to see just how effective my current team is on the cheap.

My current team is done with boots currently (T8 hasn’t become a problem at this time) so I will continue to bank them and monitor the situation.
I flipped a coin between Dio and Monostego and picked the winner this patch.
I will continue to push for L30 on my main team and see how far I can create new dinos. If Indoraptor proves viable, it’s already partially boosted. If any of the new dinos can get to team level I should be able to get one or two of them to T6/T7 with a combo of banked and bought boosts.
My interest in the arena is back for now and am eagerly looking forward to this. :slight_smile:

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May i ask why is your Dracocera at 200/maximum?

Whenever I got close to the DNA limits on Draco G2 and Tricera G2 I would do a fuse.
Now that I’m in an alliance that really needs Draco G2 I don’t do that anymore.
(No one in Reddit 2 lives in L2 apparently. LOL)