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Team question, adding Spinota?


I got as much Kapro as I could and have plenty of Utah and Spino. I think I have enough to get Spinota to a 23? If I do that will it be high enough to get on the team. My other thought is to get megalo to a 30.


I don’t think so, creatures like stegodeus and stegoceratops can easily beat it; and if you’ve played the Spinotasuchus event you’ll notice that it’s health is not that great

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I don’t know how many Spino & Utah you’ve got.
But 4834 Kapro DNA will only allow you to do 24 fuse.
And your Spino will be no more than lv22.

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I haven’t had too much trouble taking higher levels down and putting the kapro towards my first 30 seems like a better plan.


Most of spino’s damage is percent based with its bleed attacks, so it’s definitely worth while at lower levels. Increasing its level is useful for speed battles, since there are a few that also run at 129.

Depends on what you’d be willing to drop. I’d personally put it in place of tryo or rinex, though it’s not a direct replacement for either.