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Team question (who's getting replaced)


Okay, so I do really like my Christmas chicken, but she’s kind of a glass rifle and as much as I adore her immunity…I’d like something more reliable. I’ve just got Tyrannoloph to level 20 (tenonto has a ways to go). I realize I’d lose immunity, but would it be a decent replacement for proceratomimus? Thanks muchly!


I would certainly give it a try and see how you get on - its a good chomper with the added bonus of nullify and distract; it’s to chompers what Suchotator is to bleeders … IMHO

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The chicken needs to be at team level to be effective, it 2 shots a lot of things, but if you cannot get it there I suggest using dilorano or an over leveled suchotator is a great option for your team.


Everyone knows I love an over levelled Suchotator :+1:


I live in L4, this is definitely doable. :laughing:

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