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Team Rawesome Force under new management and recruting

I have just taken over as Leader of Team Rawesome Force and following a recent clear out of inactive members we are looking to strengthen our ranks.

We are a mid-tier alliance looking for active players who will contribute to raids, donations, tournament and arena trophies. Daily log in encouraged. Our team are not in the elite arenas and range from player level 10-20. Our top players are mostly in the Aviary and Library range.

If you are looking for a strong and competitive team but are not yet ready to be up against Apex creatures or lvl 30 creatures on a regular basis, then do come and join us to hone those skills, develop your creature list at a steady pace and join in with a friendly group, where fun and collaboration are the focus.

I see Rawesome Force as a stepping stone for experienced players progressing through to the top tier teams. Not new players or casual but not enforcing the intense scrutiny of activity that the big guns bring. Hopefully a good balance.

Still looking for new members for our active, yet slightly more relaxed alliance. Please take a look at TEAM RAWESOME FORCE if you are hoping to join a good mid-tier team where contributions are ecouraged in all aspects of the game and there is always friendly chat and advice given, but where there aren’t the pressures of Discord, sanctuary strategies or excessive rules to follow.