Team recommendations?


I need help on who to use. I Just added some new legendary Dino and not sure which would work better together. Any input would be great. Thank you.


You have a good combatant selection. Figuring out the combos to win is the hardest part of the battle arena.

Switching dinos regularly during combatants will help increase your odds, but timing is crucial to win the rounds.


Your team looks good but it depends on what arena/ how many trophies you get. Based on that my answer could be different.

Anyway a general tip I give is to really know your team. Know your weakness, what dino crush you most of the time ? What dino are you afraid to face ?
Once you answered this you can plan along this to power up according to your needs.

Another way to find out about your team is to ask yourself what dino underperform in your team ? A dino that is crushed every time, can’t turn the tide or worst is a bye in your team. It could be a problem with the way you play it or it could be that it is just not good enough against the opponents you face.